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News Brief: Has a Little Fun with Fans!

by Aaron Shepard

News Brief

News Brief: Has a Little Fun with Fans!

A host of adult film favorites have decided to share some of the things they are most tired of hearing in regards to their professional choices!

A new video from brings together some of the site’s biggest stars to discuss the some of the things that they have had to endure as a result of their work in the Industry.  Rafael Alencar, Topher DiMagio, Diego Sans, and Colton Grey are amongst the stars that are sharing their experiences. 

With questions ranging from “How does porn affect your relationships?” to “Does your grandmother know what you do?” these guys have heard it all, and after a few hundred times the questions can get old.  Thankfully this video allows them to show just how annoying and it can be.  Plus it’s fun!

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