News Brief - Marriage Equality ALMOST Official in Ireland

by Aaron Shepard
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News Brief Marriage Equality in Ireladn

News Brief Marriage Equality in Ireland

Marriage Equality ALMOST Official in Ireland!

Ireland is one step closer to allowing same-sex couples to marry.

One of the two houses of Irish Parliament has passed what is known simply as the Marriage Bill, which will grant same-sex couples the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples.  Although the gay marriage has already been approved via a referendum in May, Parliament must first pass the bill before any marriages can take place.

News Brief Marriage Equality in IrelandThis is a day to thank the people of Ireland for their vote on May 22,” declared Minister of Justice Frances Fitzgerald after the bill passed the Dáil Éireann – Assembly of Ireland – to great applause, according to Irish broadcaster RTÉ.  That historical vote made Ireland the first country in the world to approve marriage equality by popular vote.

The bill will now move into the Seanad, the Irish equivalent of the Senate.  Without opposition, same-sex marriages are expected to be taking place as early as November! 

Congratulations to our Irish brethren for this monumental win for equality.