News Brief - Killer Cobra

by Aaron Shepard
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News Brief Killer Cobra

News Brief Killer Cobra News Brief Killer Cobra

News Brief:  Killer Cobra

It has become more and more mainstream for LGBTQ stores to find their way onto the big screen – Milk, Stonewall, The Imitation Game.  These films aim to uplift and inspire; shining a light on the great contributions our community has offered the world. 

The recently announced Christian Slater and Molly Ringwald film King Cobra, though it will dramatize a piece of gay history, will likely offer no such inspiration.  That is because it will tell the story of gay porn studio Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis’ murder by two of his stars, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes.  Slater and Ringwald (pictured below), however, are not the only two stars attached to the project.  Naturally, James Franco (pictured below) is also involved.  Taking both a producing and acting credit for the film.

News Brief Killer CobraNews Brief Killer Cobra

Very few details have been released pertaining to the film at this point, but the gruesome details of the story shook the Industry to its core.  According to the investigating coroner, Kocis was stabbed 28 times and his throat was cut, nearly decapitating him.  His body was left in his house before it was set aflame.  Officials were forced to use dental records in order to identify Kocis because his body was burned beyond recognition.  The case against Cuadra and Kerekes, casts Kocis as victim of gay porn “turf war.”  Police contend that the two kill Kocis in an attempt to steal his star model, Brent Corrigan.

News Brief Killer Cobra
Garrett Clayton as Brent Corrigan on the set of Killer Cobra

The story remains a delicate subject for those involved.  Brent Corrigan has in fact turned down any involvement, claiming that “the memories are still very real and raw” for him.  Even without Corrigan’s involvement, production shall continue and the whole tragic event will be coming to a theater near you…