News Brief - PrEP

by Aaron Shepard
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News Brief PrEP

A recent study performed by Kaiser Permanente of San Francisco has definitively shown how effective of a daily regimen of Truvada can be in the prevention against HIV infection.  After monitoring 657 of its clients who were on PrEP over a two year period, Kaiser announced that none of the subjects had contracted the virus.

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by NickYoung
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As many of you are well aware was seized by federal agents in an overreaching (my opinion) abuse of the Travel Act in NYC this week. It was a sad and stress-filled day for folks who are legally engaged in this bona fide business, which also happens to be one of the oldest in the world and which is indeed legal in many States, Cities and Countries all around the World.  Click Here to see a list & map with more details.  Regarding those backwards thinking places where there are still laws against this, wake up; it is nearly 2020!

Back to and why this is an assault on the gay lifestyle:  For those who don't know, Click Here to see a recap of the Story @ CNN and Jeff Hurant's (RentBoy's owner) response to the media.  Indeed I hope he does fight this and that justice is served!  Don't Give UP Jeff!  You have our moral support. In the meantime those interested in escorts still have plenty of choices by searching online for "Gay Male Escorts".

Personally, I am more than annoyed and would go so far as to say a bit pissed off at my elected officials.  I think this is a very sad time for America.  I cannot believe that in a country where we have more than one mass shooting a day that our tax dollars which should be keeping our streets and shopping malls safe are instead being prioritized to investigate data breaches at Ashley Madison and to take down Gay Male Escort sites.  No, frankly I am really pissed; I pay a shit load of taxes and this is what they are being used for?!?!?  I thought we lived in a Democracy, but I didn't vote for this!?!?!?

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