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News Brief Polyamory

News Brief: Polyamorous is the New Monogamy

by Aaron Shepard

News Brief Polyamory

News Brief:  Polyamorous is the New Monogamy

An Australian survey has revealed that more men are in open relationships than ever before.

The Melbourne Gay Community Periodic Survey examined the sexual and relationship behavior of gay and bisexual men across the state of Victoria.

Having spoken to over 2,800 men, the report found that only 30.6% of respondents claimed to be in a monogamous relationship.  This compared to 31.5% who said their relationship was open.  23.3% said they were only engaging with casual partners and 14.6% said they were having no sex at all.

The survey also revealed that almost half of the men (48.2%) used mobile apps, such as Grindr, to meet sexual partners.  This number has increased by 10% in the last for years – from 35.2% in 2012 to 48.2% in 2016.  Other popular methods were the Internet, gay bars, and saunas.

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