Name: Nick Young

Age: 38


Stats: 6’2” 185#'s Brown Hair Blue Eyes.

My cock is 10 inches long, by 6 inches around, uncut, and oh so full of juice.

Favorite color: Blue. Favorite food: Italian -or my mothers cooking.

Favorite restaurant: French Meadow in Minneapolis, MN or Prime Steakhouse in Budapest or Maestro's Beverly Hills, CA, I just really love to eat, I also like Fig & Olive on Melrose in LA.

Favorite designer: Nasty Pig, Adidas , Hugo Boss

Favorite Amusement Park: California Adventure. (had a great time there with Aaron Shepard)

Favorite T.V. Show: Star Trek (all of them) Stargate Atlantis, BattleStar Galactica.

Favorite Car: BMW I miss my X5, but living in Budapest one does not need a car... 
Would most like to see in my time: For a boyfriend who cleans up after himself. Some of the things I look for in a man are strength of character, kindness, stability, success, (success has nothing to do with wealth) has goals, loves to travel, and has to worship me as much as I will him.


That’s ME, Ask me pretty much anything and I will have something to say about it.  I hope to see a woman in the White House, wouldn't that be cool...

I would also like to see World Peace and equal rights and many other basics one would think should exist in this time we live but, alas they do not..  I hope everyone reading this tries at least once a day to do their part to help make this a better world.  :)


Something more about me: