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As many of you know I was home to Minnesota for the holidays this year. It was a great time one of my best Christmas’ yet. I got to do everything I could have imagined and more.

It all started…
When I arrived in Minneapolis on Thursday evening. My sister, god-bless her, picked me up from the airport and we headed off to her home in the suburbs. We had dinner and I spent some time catching up with her and my brother-in-law. After dinner we went downtown to a bar called Zalo—my sisters favorite. Unfortunately there were no boys there for me. Her and her girlfriends like to go there to pick up hotties and there were a lot of them there. So, I of course had to at least flirt.

It ended up working out that straight boys are even more timid than I remember. They all mostly stared at me with my sister’s girlfriends in jealousy the whole evening. That is except for the really cute ones, in which case, I ended up playing matchmaker for a bar of straight drunk boys. RED HOT!!

That was pretty much it for Thursday I ended up sleeping in really late ‘cause we drank a lot. One of the benefits of being with all the cute girls in a straight bar is that you don’t pay for a single drink. That was nice!

My mom arrived at my sisters around noon and she with my sister the three of us went to lunch at Panera—great soup. After lunch my mother and I left for my hometown about two and a half hours from my sisters.

My parents’ house is really cool it has a swimming pool, sauna, and a Jacuzzi isolated on a thousand acres of the most beautiful land in central Minnesota, it was the best place to grow up. It did look slightly different than I remembered it growing up mostly because of the tornado that had gone through this past summer. But, the memories thankfully were still there.

I spent a few days with my family seeing my brothers and sisters is always a lot of fun we all get along really well and I would say that we are all really close friends, as well as, siblings. My parents did a great job. On Sunday, my brother was supposed to take me down to Minneapolis so that I could spend the afternoon shopping and dining with a NickYoung.com member Larry. Ending the evening with Chi Chi’s show at the saloon. Well, as usual with my gay brother, his car broke down and he couldn’t come get me. So, with some quick thinking on my part I had my father and little brother drive me a third of the way to Sauk Center and that is where Larry drove 100 miles one direction to pick me up. WOW!! Did I feel special?

Driving back to Minneapolis Larry and I had a really nice chat we talked about everything under the sun it was like spending an afternoon with an old friend. He was just one of the sweetest men I have met in a long time.

Well, we arrived in Downtown and decided to go to Rock Bottom for a quick drink, after we drank a few glasses of wine were off to Marshal Fields where he purchased me the most beautiful of Kenneth Cole shoes. They are beautiful black Italian leather with a silver buckle. One of the most gorgeous pair of shoes I have ever seen. After shopping, as if that weren’t enough present for anyone already, took me to my favorite Minneapolis Restaurants, Palomino. We shared a few appetizers, some apple martinis, and had a wonderful bottle of wine with a delicious lamb dinner.

Feeling incredibly warm from the alcohol, Larry, being the perfect gentleman took me to my gay brother’s house where I took some time to freshen up and light a fire under his ass to get him ready for the show. It was, after all, getting pretty late and should have been on our way. So we get ready and I call Larry to come pick us up.

We got to the Saloon and maneuver our way through the crowd, Larry can confirm this, but my goodness Chi Chi brings out the hottest boys. Her Show was simply amazing she sang one of her numbers—one of the few Drag Queens who can actually sing. After a night of debauchery and craziness at the bar running into every old friend I forgot I had I was pretty spent. But it was so cool to see all those people whom I used to spend so much time. I was so happy to see a few couples that everyone thought would fail still together. I have the utmost respect for couples. I guess it gives me hope for one day. Right?

After a long evening of great fun, Larry drove my brother and me home. Being the perfect gentleman he kissed me goodnight and wished me a Merry Christmas. It was the most amazing night ever. Thank you so much Larry for making it all happen. You will forever have a page in my book.

Los Angeles
Just playing catch-up from my trip around here and getting ready for Internext in Las Vegas. I will be in Las Vegas from January 4-10. So maybe I can run into someone there. I am sure it will be lots of fun the whole gang will be there.

I will be in Las Vegas January 4-10. I will be attending, on my birthday, the Cybersocket Second Annual Web Awards show at the Gipsy in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 6, 2002. Hope to see you there!!

Nick’s Picks
This is one of my favorite sites I am sure you will see why!!!

Well, I hope everyone has a happy and successful New Year

God Bless


Nick Young


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