My Birthday!!! A Crazy Night In Las Vegas

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Hello to everyone. Big hug to all!! As many of you know from email correspondence and Live Chat’s here on the site, I have been really busy so far this year. I recently moved into my new apartment and have been supper busy with my day job. Things are going amazingly well.

So, lets get down to my Birthday. It was January 6th and I was in Las Vegas, NV preparing for the Cybersocket Awards, I was producing/planning the event and was supper busy. The day started off nicely enough with breakfast at the Mirage Buffet. It was a beautiful day in Las Vegas the air was a little drier than us spoiled Los Angelinos are used to but all in all it was lovely. After breakfast we headed off to the Internext Convention where we networked and mingled with the webmasters of the adult industry. Never seen so much, titty in one room in my life.

By afternoon I was at the Gipsy Night Club on paradise road where the awards show was being held. Everything went really smoothly and I was extremely happy with the turnout. Unfortunately some people, bitter they didn’t win, didn’t hold back in voicing their opinions. So as the evening wrapped up I began to enjoy the evening. I collected my things and with my friend/co-worker Steve and I headed back to the hotel.

So Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke, Steve, and myself all chilled chatted and called “jerry”. They head back to their room and that is when Steve gave me my present, every ones favorite “Cash For The Casino” so with the green in my hand and feeling lucky we headed down to the casino. Let me just say that gambling sucks. You see, I lost the free money in a matter of 15 minutes and then quickly blew through some of my own. Feeling very cheated on my birthday I headed back to the room.

Lucky me on my way back to the room I bump into this incredibly hunky boy-toy who looked like he just wandered back into civilization, fresh out of the Marines. PLAY TIME!! We headed up to my room where we got to try out all the dildos and sex toys I was given for my birthday. After 3 hours of tan trick fucking my ass felt pretty good and my cock quite satisfied. This boy brought me to climax 4 times each one better than the first.

He spent the night and we went out for breakfast the next morning. All in all it was a very okay birthday. I cannot believe how hard I worked, but in the end it paid off because, after all, I did the plowing of a lifetime.

There is so much going on where do I start? I have been really busy this year planning events and coordinating them with my job. I bought a new sofa this week and ordered my mixer/spatula set. Thank you Larry, I am so happy about, I love cooking and even more eating. Tonight is a new Star Trek Enterprise on in 15 minutes so I am going to watch that and head to bed early tonight cause my ex-boy friend Alex Burbon flew into town last night. We sure had an interesting conversation I have to say I am very proud of myself in that for the first time I was able to say NO to him.

This week I wanted to direct you all to a site that I think is absolutely one of the best sites on the Internet. ENJOY Click on watch Video

Well, that is all for tonight I will be writing another journal very soon…

Love and Hugs to you all…

Oh, and blow a big load for me!!

Nick Young


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