Bad Behavior

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Hey guys!! The past couple of weeks have been crazy I don’t think I have ever been to so many parties in such a short time my favorite were The Gay VN Awards, The White Party, The Falcon 30th Anniversary Party to name just a few. Those entries are coming and mark my words things got a little steamy at times.

About 6 years ago at a college party my best friend Matt and I were in a bedroom, someone in the room told everyone that I had a large cock. Of course, it didn’t take much convincing for me to show everyone. My friend Matt kind of cracked me up because it was the first time he had seen it. He placed his hand to his mouth and said, “Oh my! Nick, have you ever thought about doing videos? You could work for Falcon, that cock is definitely marketable.”

Yes, those were his exact words, but hey I guess it put something into my head, because shortly there after I was filming movies. So, you can imagine how happy it made me the day that I was cast in a Falcon film. I was watching television with Chi Chi at her then home in West Hollywood, CA we were in her room when she got a call that Bad Behavior was being cast and that they needed a top.

Lucky me, since I was sitting right in front of her she suggested me to John. Image my excitement finally I could call Matt to tell him that I was going to do a Falcon movie. He was/is kind of addicted to Falcon’s videos and I used to laugh cause he would go on for hours about this star or that star this director or that director I always listened after all he usually brought animation to the story with videos, pictures, and yes sometimes props and I swear he owns every video.

When I telephoned Matt to tell him he wasn’t home. So I left a message to call me immediately, and I went to subway, whenever I fell anxious I like to eat, it calms me and they have really great low-fat subs. About an hour later he calls me back and tell him the news, well then start the questions he wanted to know everyone. He seemed particularly excited about the fact that I was in an orgy scene and that the Director was John Rutherford.

So I arrive in San Francisco in the early evening and met up with Bill who is one of the biggest sweet hearts you will ever meet. He is the man! Bill is the guy who takes care of everything. I went to bed early so I would be well rested for the next morning. I got up early and went for breakfast, then, I showered and got ready for the scene. It was really exciting because when you work on a Falcon film you get treated really well, the people are all really sweet and they do a really good job of making you feel like part of a family. I arrived on the set, I was introduced to John, I was surprised to find out he was the director at first I thought he was going to be in the scene, it was very difficult, because Falcon has a lot of really gorgeous crew that its hard to tell who is in front of the camera and who is behind the camera. Now remember John cast me on Chi Chi’s word only, he had never seen a picture of me, so image how nervous he must have been having now idea what he was about to get into.

So, John asked to see my equipment, I will never forget the expression on his face the first time he saw it. He later told me that he was kind of stressing about the film, I would be worried if a director wasn’t stressing, but that he was really pleased with my performance. I have to tell you though with a room full of boys as hot as the one s I was playing with and a sexy crew it was one of the most pleasurable self-esteem building experiences of my life.

No video collection is complete without a copy of this one Guys so. Trust me this one is probably one of my Hottest Videos Ever. And it took home the 2001 GayVN Award for Best Leather Video. To watch now Click Here!


Things are pretty quiet this week in Los Angeles I am taking it easy and relaxing from the event pack previous weeks.

Jeremy Jordan and I went to a Dodgers game last week it was really boss. A guy sitting next to us took a ball to the face. I never seen so much blood, then one of the most aggressive straight men ever moved into the guys bloodied seat for a better view where ate his ice cream and watched the game. Crazy.



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I just want you all to know, I spent 5 hours scanning images from my photo shoot I just did with the tux. We are working really hard to get them up online as soon as possible.



I hope everyone has a great weekend.

All my love

Keep stroking guys

Blow a big one for me



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