White Party Palm Springs

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As many of you know I work for a gay publishing company. One of the perks in that is, I more times than not score pretty cool tickets to some amazing events. Being the responsible person that I am I stayed at work on Friday until 5pm then quickly headed home where I finished packing and waited for my friend Steve to come pick me up…

Steve arrived around 7:20 late, as always, I don’t think he is ever on time for anything. We quickly made our way to the 101 (Hollywood freeway) where we sat in the lovely Friday evening traffic.

By the time we arrived in Palm Springs it was 10:30, which really isn’t that bad considering that there was some Lesbian Event, “Dinah Shore,” going on that weekend too and there were about a million cars trying to get into PS. For those of you who have been there you know there is only really one road into town and when everyone is going to the same place it is really a matter of sit and wait. But let me tell you it is simply one of the most beautiful and pristine areas in the country. You can sit outside there and you simply gaze upwards at the mountains or the star filled night sky for hours. The air is so clean and the people so friendly. I have to say I really love spending time in Palm Springs.

We arrive at the Wyndam Hotel and got our tickets, where we ran into Chi Chi, we said our hellos and gave a quick kiss, and parted for our rooms. We arrived in our suite, it was lovely they had food and other “Gay-Weekend-Necessities,” however, rather than begin enjoying my weekend, I had to fix some drama that one of my coworkers created. “Heather” couldn’t seem to get something straightened out with some tickets that our Webmaster “Barbie” and her girlfriend wanted for Dinah Shore. So I spent about 45 minutes dealing with other people’s drama. All the while Heather was denying to me that she was the one who had set it up, but on the other end she was telling Barbie that the tickets should be there. Finally I get a call from my boss confirming that he spoke with Heather and that everything was set. Barbie never did get the tickets, but she tells me that her and her girlfriend had a great time with their Harley’s—Hot!! Two lesbians, jacked up, getting it on, in leather, on a hog. Wow, that sounded really queer (not gay, wink, wink).

So Steve and I get ready, he brought me some really cool pants to wear to the Military Ball that glow in the dark. The were super hot with my long-john type shirt that said, “Open 24 Hours” we walked into the Military Ball, as we approached Chi Chi, she laughed and pointed to my shirt and said, “That is so, the truth”.

We chatted briefly I always like to say hello to everyone I know and trust me that can sometimes take awhile. The number of boys I have done movies with alone could fill a small theater. Steve and I headed for the dance floor where we hung out for some time it was really hot 100’s of sweaty half naked men all with beautiful torsos and skinny little chicken legs. Why do boys never work out the legs???? Maybe its just cause I like hot tight yummy firm round bubble butts in combination with a hot muscled chest. I could tell from this party it was going to be a good weekend. There was plenty of prime USDA choice beef to choose from and it appeared that with the state of mind of these boys getting laid was going to be quite often with quite a few.

So we hang out at the Military Ball until it starts to fade, the DJ was okay and the lights were pretty fun for what they could do with the space. It was really coolest out by the pool, but being as it was nighttime in the desert it was quite chilly. Therefore the party remained indoors we hung out at the party for hours. Exhausted from dancing, Steve and I went back to our room where he freshened up and he headed off to the after hours party, I passed out until he came back and was speaking to me, I was in the middle of a dream, and he scared the hell out of me I must have jumped 5 feet when I woke and realized someone was talking to me. It was kind of freaky, but he got a good laugh out of it.

We did have some business to take care of in PS so we made our way back from the dead and around noon we headed out, ugh, back to our room by 2pm we recharged and had some lunch and got ready for the afternoon events. There was a pool party then the actual White Party and the after hours. Well, it took Steve and I a bit to get ready remember at this point we were deep into the weekend and were very much on gay time. We ended up missing the pool party and departed around 11pm for the White Party, we quickly made our way through the press line to the VIP area where you could look out over the entire convention center/dance floor and stage. There were about 4500 hot muscled bodies all entwined in an erotic merging of sexual energies demonstrated through the primal expression of dance. It was hot.

We made our way to the dance floor where I ran into an old George Fleece, his entourage of Texas boys, and Michael Knight. I chatted with them briefly and was off with a sweet Texan boy Al en tote. We made our way to the dance floor where I spent about two hours flirting with, hotties and having a great time. Steve was off in a corner flagging.

Just when you think it cannot get any fiercer the stage explodes to reveal J Lo’s silhouette. She was simply delicious, her dancers were the hottest and her body scrumptious in her little dress. When she did her encore the stage exploded in fire and she finished her set as Manny Lehman spun to continue the evening, we danced until we nearly exhausted. The event kicked ass, I was impressed and trust me it takes a lot to impress me.

We headed out of the White Party and up to this guy, from San Francisco, room where a little sex party was happening, imagine that. I was playing with two really hot guys when this major bummer happens. See Don, the guy from SFO met this tweaked out boy who was telling people that he was the lead council for the Governor of CA. Yeah, the guy was gorgeous, but he was insane. I was like okay yeah sure fuck him, but did you have to give him a key to the room?? So he bursts into the room and sees Don, convinced that Don and he are destined to be lovers, playing with me got a little jealous.

I was not having that drama, so as it was 5 in the morning I took the cuties and left the freak there and head to the after-hours party. Bah Bye. By the time we got back to the room the freak had gone through several ranges of emotion from cleaning half the room to deciding to move out of the room, so Don, quickly changed the keys and we fucked until about 9am. Al and Don were both fantastic bottoms whose cock hungry holes were adequately stuffed with my throbbing cock. Until we all climaxed in a unified primal orgasm, I have never seen so much cum dripping everywhere.

We left their room for breakfast, it was now very early Easter Sunday, and I drove by a Catholic Church service on the way back to my hotel from breakfast, it took me back to my child hood. I was raised catholic, and have nothing but beautiful memories of the church. I am convinced the church was designed by and for gay men. We got back to our room and I slept for a few hours. At this point Steve came home and woke me up and convinced me that we should go to the Tea Dance. Since I really wanted to go to as many events as possible, I brushed of the overwhelming sense of exhaustion and somehow managed to get ready.

After spending two hours in the bathroom, Steve and I managed to wander on down to the Tea Dance in a park near the hotels. It was way out over the top. There was a giant Ferris wheel at one end of the park and a giant stage in the center. Bret Henrichsen was spinning and Deborah Cox did an amazing show. Then timed to fireworks the party closed with one of my favorite songs, Flower Duet, by Luminaire. It was an amazing event. Then, exhausted from the weekend Steve and I packed, had a bite to eat at Sherman’s Deli, and hit the road.

We made great time back to Los Angeles as most people stayed for the after hours. And being the responsible little worker bee that I am I wanted to be on time for work Monday morning.

I had a really nice week. I got my state income tax refund so; Steve and I went out to lunch on Friday to one of my favorite restaurants. Louise’s on Los Feliz my treat. Friday evening I hung out with Troy Michaels and his boyfriend Nick Capra at their apartment. We had a good time and ate a lot of ice cream. I also, I spent a lot of time cleaning my apartment and giving my plants some much needed love and attention.

My mom sent me a new smoothie machine so I have been making some really tasty treats.

Nick’s Picks
Well, this week’s pick is kind of obvious… I had an amazing time and highly recommend this event. Hope to see you there next year.
The White Party, Palm Springs

Well, that’s all for now

I hope to chat with you all soon…

Love and Best Wishes

Nick Young


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