Southern Hospitality & Pixies In the Garden - Raleigh, NC Part I

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April 10, 2002 I get up extremely early 3am Pacific Time to get ready for my shuttle scheduled to arrive at 4am. I had a 7am Flight to Houston where I would change planes and head to Raleigh. Little did I know as I walked through my pre weekend getaway routine just how much hidden treasure this trip was going to bring.

I arrived at the airport early and well, there was almost nobody there. It promised to be a short eventless flight to Houston in fact the only thing I remember is waking up as we landed. I quickly changed planes and headed for Raleigh. As we were landing in Raleigh we hit some really bad Thunder Storm and we couldn’t land for a spell, it was kind of scary because we could see lightening all around the plane, the plane shook so violently that some of the overheads actually came open. Needless to say we eventually landed without incident.

I quickly made my way to he baggage claim and met up with my friend Robert, who I made take me directly to food. It’s amazing that on a transcontinental flight the only thing you are offered is a bag of peanuts and a bag of pretzels. Any ways, we made our way back to Will and Craig’s lovely home situated just on the outskirts of Raleigh Durham North Carolina. Nestled in the deep lush green forests and rolling hills this place was a little slice of heaven. Not to mention the all too cute southern boys with their, to die for, accents. I mean really I was in heaven.

Exhausted from my flight I was pretty much useless on Friday night. Since we immediately started cocktails upon my arrival; strawberry margaritas kind of put me under the table pretty quickly… Not to mention I was exhausted from the long day of travel on only three hours of sleep. I spent about an hour chatting with a room full of lovely gay southern gentlemen these boys were just so sweet.

I woke up Saturday morning to the lovely smell of breakfast being cooked I made my way to the kitchen where I gathered a juice and made my way out to Craig who was working in the garden. When I woke up and looked out the window he was “coincidentally” pulling weeds right outside my window. I approached him with a good morning, his smile showed me he was pleased to see me and he was more than hospitable and gave me the grand tour of his heavenly garden. This boy had quite the extravagant set up. His garden covered and acre and was so well put together it shames those featured on Martha Stuart. Yes, It was really that lovely. I spent countless hours sitting on the porch swing with a cool drink just watching the azaleas bloom.

The back yard was a gay heaven the had a Olympic sized pool with a diving board spread over a huge lot all privately fenced for ample privacy. I told Will and Craig, “It would be a porn producers paradise.” Saturday was a lovely day, I spent the morning helping in the yard and it was so refreshing it took me back to my child hood and reminded me of the days when I used to spend hours manicuring my parents yard on the family farm. We had over 3 acres of lawn and gardens and it was my responsibility to maintain them. So it was nice to get my hands in the soil again. I guess there is something almost nurturing about working in the garden for me. However, the afternoon held quite a treat, around 3 we headed off to the Aveeda Day Spa where I enjoyed a massage and treatment. I had my hairs cut—I like it, it looks okay. I think I am going to grow it out a bit on top. I have to tell you though those southern sure do keep you happy. I must have drank a full bottle of wine through my visit at the spa.

After ample relaxation we made our way back to the house where we all got ready for dinner. They were taking me to a restaurant in Chapel Hill a nearby suburb and home to a lovely 5 Star Italian Restaurant called Siena. We enjoyed a lovely dinner I had the beef tips with Gorgonzola and scallops and tiramisu for dessert and we enjoyed a lovely bottle of the Casa Emma Imported Italian Chianti—very tasty.

As we made our way back to the house I was quite inebriated and feeling great. I arrived at the house where I met….

Cocktails with the Stars May 16, 2002. I will be appearing at Micky’s in West Hollywood for Will Clark’s, Cocktails with the Stars. It should be a hoot.

Hope to see you there!!!

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend and don’t forget to have lots of sex…

Keep enjoying those photo galleries and I hope to see you all soon for a live chat.

Love and hugs

Nick Young


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