Marcellas Reynolds Discusses Hot Topics

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Marcellas Discusses Hot Topics With Scotty B

Marcellas Reynolds came to the show initially to help promote Project Angel Food, a charitable organization that he champions and Ninon Photo's Boys In The City 2011 Calendar, the entire proceeds of which were originally intended to be donated to Project Angel Food.  Even though the organization eventually decided not to participate in the fund raising, presumably because the models in the Calendar are Porn Stars (though I'm rather shocked disapointed that they wouldn't accept the support of anyone who wanted to donate to such a good cause), Marcellas came to lend his support for both.

At the time of the interview adolescent bullying was a hot topic in the media and he brought up an interesting point.  He finds that no one is really talking about the issue of man on man abuse and abuse within relationships which I agree is a topic that is not always discussed as aggressively as it should be, especially in light of recent problems of violent between Porn couples and former couples, such as Stephen Daigle's run in with his ex Trent Locke and other below the public radar issues amongst other Porn Star couples.

Marcellas was happy to share his opinions on sex and what he does and doesn't like in bed which may shock some people since he doesn't work in porn but Marcellas, as many of us do, beleives that sex is part of life and we whole heartedly agree doll.  Thanks for coming to the show and we hope to see more of you.

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