Southern Hospitality and Pixies in the Garden Part II

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The story continues…

See just how my weekend in Raleigh, NC played out…

We arrived back at the house where I met up with the boys by the pool imagine it I was literally in “gay heaven” there were cute boys everywhere. We enjoyed a few rounds of cocktails dipped in the pool and relaxed in the hot tub.

It was about 11:00pm when my phone rang in the house it was a friend I hadn’t seen in a while so I ran inside and took the call. I took the phone from my cordial host Will and proceeded to the front porch to sit on the swing and chat, on the phone, with Jim, a composer friend of mine. I tried to keep the call short but in the mean time a sweet boy named Chris, noticed I was missing. He tracked me down almost as I was hanging up the phone. He approached the swing and sat next to me and we swung back and forth quietly for a moment.

The moon was full and high in the night sky lighting the garden with its soft glow as we swayed on the swing. Suddenly Chris turns his head to face me and says, “I think you’re really cute.” Then, almost immediately, turns back just as quickly to face forward.

I was so flattered I turned to face him and gave him my best oh just fuck me smile and said, “The feeling is mutual.”

He proceeded to grab the back of my neck and kissed me deep and hard. His lips were soft and tasted sweet from the strawberries. We pulled apart his hand was on my knee and he was shaking, so I placed my hand on his inner thigh, just then the house door flies open to reveal Jake. Jake is a very interesting member of this whole crew, he is, the loud one of bunch—if you will. I could tell that this incredibly cute little twink was used to getting his, own way, and tonight, I was the goal. Not to mention I don’t think he was even planning on sharing with Chris. He approached us on the swing proceeded to stop the swing the maneuvered himself between Chris and myself.

Not a big thing really as far as I was concerned, I was of the opinion why not make everyone happy and lets just have a three way. Wouldn’t you say? Well, they were apparently good friends so that was out of the question. So it became a competition thing. I sat on that porch for nearly an hour talking and listening, all the while noticing the little digs and banters of two pals. It was clear that one of them was intent upon getting down, with as they called me “the yank”. I think they just wanted to yank on my cock, which I would never have a complaint about.

Amidst their friendly competition, I was quite surprised when Chris suddenly got up and walked into the house. I thought he is probably just seeing if I will follow him. Not wanting to be too obvious, Chris was in the lead for my affections at this point, I decided to wait a few moments before tracking him down. Well I never had the opportunity as after a brief period of time, Chris was standing again on the porch this time with something iridescent in his hands.

He proceeded to walk, from the porch, to the middle of the garden, a gentle breeze blowing and with the moon as his spotlight. He revealed that the two iridescent objects were actually flags. He flagged in the garden to one of my favorite songs, “Perfect Day”. As I gazed upon him I almost saw a pixie or a firefly as he flagged to the music in the moonlight his well-defined torso accentuated with his iridescent wings. It was so beautiful and boy did it make me hard. He did this for a short time and I watched him with great interest.

Jake got a little jealous that Chris had so obviously stolen my attention that he up and walked away. When Chris rejoined me on the porch he said, I knew it was worth a try. I looked at him and smiled and said, “it worked.” He proceeded to kiss me again, this time deeper and more passionately and we made love in the garden.

We awoke Sunday morning to the smell of breakfast as hungry as we were we had to do it one more time. It was almost noon and my flight was at 4pm so, we quickly ate read the morning paper and made our way to the pool where we soaked up some rays until I had to shower and make my way back to Los Angeles. Chris dropped me off at the airport at the very last moment possibly and we said our good bye’s we have stayed in touch. Who knows what could have happened if there weren’t 3000 miles separating us.

Chris, if you ever read this, I will never forget you and I promise I will be back to see you soon.

Less than one week until my Cocktails with the Stars @ Mickey’s in West Hollywood, CA. Hope to see you all there…

I talked to Falcon and they are sending me some movies to pass out—aren’t they the coolest.

On an icky note:
You all know I work can be, let me tell you this has been very stressful week as far as that is concerned. I swear sometimes, we are being tested to see just what we will take from people. Personally I believe in a more direct approach, but some people don’t see life that way. I guess that is okay because no one can escape the Karmic Equation.

Nick’s Thought
Speaking of the Karmic Equation, I find comfort in the words of a great philosopher Confucius, I think, “Business without morals is perhaps the most dangerous thing in the world.”

Nick’s Pick
Hey guys, it’s the season finale time, check it out.

Well, I will be back to chat with you all soon…

Big Hugs, and All my love to everyone,


Nick Young


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