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Imagine an intimate Folsom Street Fair about 10,000 hot leather studs decked out in rubber, vinyl, and the hottest leather gear you can fathom. Joe and I headed up from Los Angeles, early Saturday morning on American Eagle Airlines for a weekend of drinking, sex, and debauchery.

We arrived to our hotel early Saturday afternoon ready for action. We quickly changed into our jeans and headed over to the Nob Hill theatre to see what was going on over there. I was planning on doing a show, but the crowd was nonexistent so we decided to grab a bite to eat at a local sushi restaurant—no shortage of those in SFO, and head over to the leather bar district to check out the scene.

We finished diner and headed back to the hotel to change where we discovered there was a leather show/contest going on… Well, it was kind of lame to say the least so in out hot chaps and asses showing we walked down to the leather bars to see what was going on. Still early in the evening it was a slow start. It seems that the crowd in SFO likes to hi the clubs a little later than in our stomping ground of LA. We hopped from bar to bar until we finally found one that was just our speed—the Power Exchange.

Let me tell you this place was amazing tons of prime USDA choice beef here. The bar was packed and luckily they had clothes check—perfect for those of us who want to get a little nasty in public. There was a back alley attached to the bar where one could go smoke or get their cock sucked. The air smelled a mix of poppers and Mary Jane. And more cocks were getting sucked than on a Chi Chi oral fetish set.

Joe and I found a group of cuties and the next thing I knew my cock was out and being stroked for everyone to see. Let’s just say Joe and I became quite popular very quickly. We started off sucking and playing with each other before long we had a couple of hotties joining us for some sucking fun. After a bit of this we decided to keep walking around the bar and check out what other action was going on. In a darker room in front of the back bar there was a free for all of hands.

It was too difficult to see who was touching you, much less whom you were touching so we decided to step out front for a breather. After a short break we headed back to the alley where we played some more until we blew our loads. We then headed back to the hotel, when we arrived still very horned up from all of our public play and more sexual tension needing to be released than a rubber band stretched twice its maximum we fucked four times cumming buckets over and over.


After sleeping in we woke up showered and got dressed and headed over to the street festival. It was quite interesting lots of leather and fetish venues to explore. It was comfortable for the novice and racy enough for the seasoned pro. We had a wonderful day and guess what: the festival was located on the block of Power Exchange.

Being the extreme exhibitionist that I am, we found a spot in the bar where I could sit with my cock hanging out and as I stroked it I noticed we were on the television screens. HOT!!!! We played for a bit while the patrons of the bar enjoyed the show, then we went to the back room again where we encountered a military couple who we played with until we blew our loads Joe’s on my face and mine on one of the guys’ face as his boy licked it off. Satisfied, Joe and I collected our clothes and headed back to the hotel.

Bet ya cannot guess what we did there, after fucking until we were exhausted we hit the sack and slept until we had to catch our cab back to the Airport and to LA, where we both headed off to work.

All in all it was probably one of the best times I had all summer and one of the hottest sexual experiences I have ever had.

Well, I am sure many of you have by now figured it out, but I have been spending a lot of time with Joe. Let me tell you he is an amazing man and treats me like gold. But, I have to say the best part about him is that he likes to share. He is totally cool with the fact that I do porn and allows me to express who and what I am in a very healthy way. I couldn’t ask for more, lets see where it goes—I will keep you posted. Cum play with us!!!

Summer is almost over and it was a busy one. I know I have not been the best about getting these journals up in a timely manner, but think of it this way, I have tons of stories in the can and coming to you soon.

Joey and Carlo Pool Party: Friday and Saturday Septem

Pillage and Plunder November 2-7, 2002… 4 days at Sea with lots of hot men. I hope to see you all on the boat. I know its gonna be a hot time…

More Updates to follow….

Love and Hugs



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