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Currently I am sitting on a train from NYC to Albany NY.I am excited to be going to spend time with my family in NY and to visit the cabin. I have not been for two years and am excited to finally be making the trip again. As we travel north on the Train along the Hudson River we are provided a natural paradise of beauty and wonder as we travel up the Empire State. I brought my partner Jon on this trip and am having a most excellent time with him. Thus far he has proved to be an excellent traveling companion. I truly enjoy his company and insights, I find myself counting my blessings daily.

OMG my tummy is upset. I hate using public restrooms especially when I am not feeling well. My honey is working on something, though I have no idea what, he seems engrossed. I digress, NYC, such a beautiful vacation, I find myself drawn to that city for some reason beyond my understanding. We arrived on via DELTA airlines flight 82 from LAX to JFK and were nearly killed on landing well, the bumpiest approach I have ever experienced due to the thunderstorms in the area. The skies were so ominous that they actually shut down the airport for a period and Jon’s flight was diverted to Philly where he sat on the ground for 3 hours. Meanwhile back at JFK now closed as we were the last plane they let bounce down the run way we all began to settle in for our 3 hour tarmac wait. This I only mention because: a longer than a 40-minute tarmac wait is unusual, even for JFK. Now when we are finally cleared in for a gate gather our luggage find our car and finally make it to the hotel it is nearly midnight.

At this point Jon and I have spoken and I know where he is and what his situation. Since I know he wont be in until at least 1am I head out to Il Bastardo with Morgan, Michelle, Andy & Rob, when we arrive at the restaurant we find that Bret Drysdale and the guys are already having dinner there as well. I ordered the Cesar salad and the Lamb Shank. It was amazing the sauce was an amazing experience, though the mashed potatoes, my favorite food, were a bit cold and under flavored. After we finish dinner and a few cocktails, the body aches and migraine began to wear off and the level of social lubrication began to increase I finally hear from Jon he landed safely and was on his way to the hotel, finally.

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We then, after Karl and Rob, the fuglies of the group make a big spectacle which, of course, I had to one up and as they were lying in the street bleeding from their display I was attempting to give them both CPR. Fucking crack head idiots. Oh well that’s why we love them. We finally figure out that Bret Drysdale has no idea where he is going and that we were headed in the wrong direction and had to turn around. After walking 5 blocks to travel the one block from the restaurant to the bar we were definitely ready for another drink.

So, we are at G-bar now, waiting for my honey to arrive, I begin enjoying more cocktails and find myself craving a cigarette. I guess with perfect timing I venture outside and who should happen to appear but my boyfriend. YEAH!! I feel like the party can begin, kind of the way I felt when I first met Jon. AMAZING, SPELL BOUND!!! MY aunt is making the hook up now we are going to go skiing. My friend Simon is sitting across from me laughing his ass off about it! I am so excited this train has been literally beautiful. I hope the connection comes through and we are able to have snow this weekend. Okay so back to my story Jon, by the way is working on getting out those invoices to specialty. I hope they make it out, and he gets paid in time before they go Belly UP! Such as sad thing the mismanagement of that company and its assets, with proper direction, could have been an amazing powerhouse in the adult industry…

Okay so Jon arrived in NY and we finish the night at G-Bar with Morgan before heading back to the hotel to get some sleep. Of course Jon and I were horny and had some really great sex. I must say he is the best lover I have ever experienced and am convinced that our relationship will be a lasting experience. I tend to get mushy…

Friday Morning Jon and I woke with a mission: to purchase a camera and a network router so that when we travel we will always have a strong internet connection and that we would not have to buy two passwords when logging on in hotels. Such Brilliance. We went to a place called JR’s in Lower Manhattan, the money district. We found both our camera and our network and were quite pleased with the relative speed and efficiency of service there.

We stopped at one of building that was left standing only damaged from the 9-11 attacks on NYC. The site of the World Trade Center was queer. A strange feeling came over me as I stood there looking at he subway station that used to greet people arriving at the complex with the sentinel’s behind her. Now they are simply gone. Nothing remains but a large hole in the earth; a deep scar to remind us of our potential for weakness and suffering.

Okay so today was a real treat after sitting on the run way in Albany NY for nearly 4 hours we arrived in Newark New Jersey, 6-hours late. We were placed on the next flight to LA but that sadly was cancelled and now I am booked on a 7 am and Morgan on standby or a 6pm out of Philadelphia. The eastern seaboard sucks this time of year. I cannot understand how the International flights can go but not the domestic. Makes no sense, they have continually messed up Morgan’s reservation and its getting annoying. I am so beyond frustrated with Continental at this point I doubt I will ever fly them again.

Okay so now, back to our Journey. We continued our day in NY with some shopping then we met Michelle for the set up at bright bar and got everything ready for the party. We had an excellent dinner at the park approximately 5 blocks from Bright Bar. It was a lot of fun and a good time was had by all the evening turned out to be a smashing success, Jon and I made out with another boy, the first real sort of three way action we have had together. This is really something I want to be able to share with him but do not understand why I am having such issues about it. I am under the impression that it has a lot to do with Joe and they fucked up way he treated me. I really don’t understand why so many of the negative encoding still lingers long after our break up… I hope that he can find in his heart to move on from me as I have from him.

I think that with time and after seeing that Jon is not willing to through us away over a stupid thing like extracurricular sex then I will become more confident in our relationship and in what we share t ogether. I guess I am looking for something stable enough to stand the test of time and normal growing pains of a gay relationship. Mom says gay straight its all the same, I tend to agree mostly, however, at times don’t think she understands how much easier it can be to walk away than to work through. Jon and I have a great talent for that and I hope he is as committed ass I am to a long-term plan… I hope above all hope that he and I are able to make it. I don’t see any problem in this arena, but am always open to whatever possibilities may come up. I truly know in my heart that I will always be willing to work it out with him.

I am sooooo fucking cranky right now… We were kicked out of the Presidential club and now we have no place to go for a good sleep. I am so unbelievably erked by the behavior of that woman who works for continental. WHAT A CUNT!!!

BTW, Jon apparently reads journals, I wonder what all of mine he has read??? I don’t mind in fact I think its kind of sweet, he has taken much more attention into what I am doing thinking and feeling than Joe ever was. Or any other man I have ever been with for that matter. I am comfortable with him knowing everything about me and I find it stunning that he obviously finds me so interesting. Also this week I need to sort out with Jon how much money I owe him for various purchases we have made together. I also now know that Jon supports me beyond what any one else ever has or would and I find a great comfort in knowing that we are both pulling the wagon in the same direction.

I digress, the party was a fantastic success, everyone seemed to have a good time and to enjoy him or herself with gusto. I had a wonderful time myself and was excited to see my boyfriend being accepted with open arms by the Webmaster community. I really think he can write his own ticket in this field. Good for him. I want to be as much of an asset to helping him grow what he wishes to do as I can, as much an asset as he has been to my personal growth. I mentioned to him the other night that I didn’t feel that I was as mature as he in our relationship with where he is etc; he seemed to disagree, but I wonder how much of that was just to make feel better and more positive about our direction.

Back to NY, Saturday morning we got up very late after going to bed very late, Jon and I of course made love like 7 times the night before, the sex with this guy is still amazing. Another reason why I think we will be so successful. Saturday was fun, we got up and got ready for Wicked, Jon and I really liked the show, thought it was pretty darn cool. Oh, also I rebooked the tickets for Jersey Boy so when we go home we can enjoy that in July. After Wicked we went and picked up Jessica and joined the rest of the group at the rooftop, where we enjoyed appetizers and a fantastic meal of tappas and drinks with the most amazing view of NY. We have tons of pictures. After we went back to the room to take a nap and work up after a great little disco nap and went to the Super Heroes Ball to see Offer Nissim. He is obviously on of my favorite DJ’s and I adore his spinning talents, however, I am a bit disappointed how arrogant they guy is. It’s not about him, rather the crowd he is there to please. The venue was very slow at getting people in, the line was around the block and the party all night so it was obviously cool as hell, but to wait in line so long was quite the drama. After enjoying the party for hours and entertaining Jess as best we could we left the club to see the sun had already come up. We hailed a cab and headed back to the hotel. We hit the sack and after a few hours of sleep Simon arrived and it was time to get ready again and head to the parade at Andy and Rob’s house. FANTASTIC!!!

We, Morgan, Simon, Jessica, Jon and I enjoyed the parade from the fire escape of Andy’s building and had a great time getting drunk chatting with clients and enjoying the city. After we went to a fantastic Portuguese restaurant and had a great meal before returning to the hotel for another disco nap. After dinner we headed to Splash without Jessica, as she was pretty broken. Splash sucked big time and we headed back to the hotel for sleep.

Simon, Jon and I had an amazing time and I think Simon really enjoyed himself the short time he spent with us in NYC. I think that he got a taste of the city and was able to reconnect with a lot of his industry friends. We finally all head back to our rooms and fall to sleep with plans of rising early to go down for breakfast before heading over to meet our train at Penn Station. We finish breakfast, meet up with Morgan, then head over and boarded our train for Albany. We had a very nice train ride up the Hudson River to Albany where we went to the store and then to Outback for some dinner. Not really my favorite type of food, but they all seemed happy with it so I did not complain.

Exhaustion is beginning to set in so it is now very important for me to stay awake until it is time for us to depart at which time I will be able to board some plane for home, at this point it is my third confirmed flight and therefore I am a little concerned, but perhaps the third time is the charm, not to mention, the flight leaves at lucky 7. Lets hope.

I cannot stop thinking about Jon, for some reason he is constantly drifting into my thoughts. I am so overwhelmed with the love he shows me. I think him one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. At this point after all the great relaxation I got in at the cabin I need a vacation from my vacation. Oh, have I told you yet, Jon has invited me back to Wyoming with him. I am so excited. I think I met one of the only gay men to come from there. The people here all look so tired, mutated, and just simply wrecked that I am surprised by Continentals utter lack of concern for their travelers.

So tired now that I can barely keep my eyes open much longer, I really hope Morgan is able to get on this flight and has no more complications associated with this trip. I hope he doesn’t decide not to come back based on the bad flight experience we have endured today. He has been a good sport considering they nearly keep leaving him behind. The car rental everything came out so nicely I could not have been happier. I truly hope he was able to relax and enjoy himself on this our great cabin escape. I think Simon too was able to let loose and get in touch with his primal side. He really wanted to kill that damn squirrel. That would have been a trip, eh?

So we arrive at the Cabin Monday night with a few hours of sun still in the sky, Jon excitedly asked me to ask Linda to take out the canoe and she complied. We had a brilliant time Simon, Jon, and myself went out on the river up to the Bridge and had an excellent row. On the way back we drifted lazy river and I sat in Jon’s arms and enjoyed his embrace more than I think I ever have. I think I was quite afraid of my families reaction to Jon more than anything because I love this guy dearly. In fact, I have never taken any other guy to the Cabin. He is the first and I hope this was the first of many trips we will be taking up there together. I truly think he enjoyed it or at least enjoyed spending time with me and getting to know grandpa and Linda, especially when he was able to do things he enjoys and share them with my family.

After we returned from our River trip, quite stoned at this point, we assisted Linda with dinner while everyone smoked drank and enjoyed the time as it dripped by. We also gathered wood and prepared to the evenings bon fire. Grandpa taught Simon to make a fire and how to build a pipe. We, Jon, Jess, and I gathered and chopped the wood. Jon did the chopping and a very good job he did indeed. Quite an amazing man!!! Jon of all trades! ;)




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