Minneapolis Gay Pride

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My parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary meant a trip home to the farm in central Minnesota the last weekend in June – overlapping nicely with the Twin Cities Pride festival. Of course I couldn’t miss checking out some of the action, and I wasn’t disappointed. By the way, this was my first time away from Joe since we started dating. And you gotta know I missed him a lot.

I caught a flight to Minneapolis that got in about 11:30 p.m. Thursday night, and was picked up at the airport by my friend Larry. We were planning to meet up with my college buddy Matthew, who was going with me to the farm for the big 50th party. But Larry hadn’t heard from Matt, so we set out to grab some food. I was starved by this point. First Class on my flight out was booked, so I couldn’t upgrade. All I’d eaten for the past five hours was a bag a peanuts. Most places shut down early in this town (it’s the wholesome Midwest), but fortunately, one of my favorite restaurants – Figlio’s – is not one of them. We had a couple of drinks – nice buzz on an empty stomach – and a great meal. Still no word from Matthew.

We headed back to Larry’s, where Matthew and I were going to crash for the night. I checked e-mail and chatted with a fan on line. That was pretty hot. He has an awesome imagination. If we did even half of what he chats about, I would be one very satisfied guy. Guys I love to know your fantasies about me. You reading this Tom?

2:00 a.m. and Matthew finally calls. I am not sure if he had been playing, or just catching up with some of our college buddies, but we picked him up, brought him back to Larry’s and crashed.

Friday we sleep in, eat a late brunch and just catch up with each other. I knew Larry and Matt would get along really well cause their two favorite topics are theology and porn. In the afternoon we met a group of college buddies at Vera’s, a gay-friendly coffee shop with a very hot barista. Yum. That’s when we met Phil, who came with one of our friends. Phil is a little older than the rest of us, but in really fine shape. He looked kind of familiar to me, and it wasn’t long before I was pretty convinced this boy had been in front of the camera before. He wouldn’t admit it, but he didn’t deny it either. He was really interested in me – sexually, but also as a competitor. He kept making comments about my dick, its size, what I liked done to it, how I used it. I guess he wanted to know if he measured up.

Later in the day we swung by to see my brother, arranged to pick up some mary jane, and then had dinner with my sister and her husband. Then Matthew, Larry and I headed into Minneapolis for the Pride Block Party. Hadn’t heard anything from Joe since I gotten to town, and was feeling kind of edgy. Just as we were walking over to the Block Party, Joe called. He’d been on call and busy with patients all day. It was great to hear from him.

Lots of hot boys were out for the evening. As the Block Party wound down, the hottest all headed to the Saloon. You guys know the place from past Journal entries. Chi Chi does an annual Christmas show that brings out an amazing crowd, but the crowd this night was no disappointment. The dance floor was packed with hundreds of sweaty guys with naked, gym-sculpted torsos. There’s always a few girls there who love to dance and love hot men, and know this is the best place for both. I love it when they bring their boyfriends, cause it brings out a side of those guys their girlfriends don’t know about.

I always run into lots of old friends and fans there. Tonight was no exception. This is one of the places that I stripped at early in my career, and I still have people coming up to me begging to see and feel more of me. And I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve taken a boy from the dance floor to a dark corner to let them sample my cock.

We ordered drinks and took them to the back patio for a smoke and some fresh air. There we ran into Phil and his young boy toy who was dressed for night of action. It wasn’t long before the conversation returned to my cock. Why does that always happen? He wanted to know if it was really as big as I said. This is not something I exaggerate about. I don’t have to. He kept saying, “Show me!” So finally I did – on the back patio of the Saloon, with dozens of guys standing around. He gasped, when he realized there had been no exaggeration. I loved watching his reaction. (Larry gasped too. It was the first time he had seen it live). Right away, hands were moving in to get a feel. After a few minutes I put it away. Didn’t want to get Security out of joint. Phil gave me his address and asked me to come by later in the evening. I know he wanted me to work over his boy toy’s ass, which I wouldn’t have minded. However, I had had my fill of Phil. Instead, I took my shirt off and headed back to the dance floor. It was great being in the middle of the crowd, in one of my favorite places.

Finally, Matthew, Larry and I headed back to my brothers for awhile to smoke some and unwind. The next morning Matt and I headed up north to the farm. Lots of great home cooking. When I got back to LA on Monday, Joe and I had some of the greatest sex of our relationship. I lost track of how many times he fucked me. It made being away from him for a couple of days worth it

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