Palm Springs Trip

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The best part of any relationship is discovering new things about your boyfriend. Of course Joe knows what an exhibitionist I am, and how much I love to get into public sex. Having people watch me having sex is such a turn on. But, I didn’t know how much of an exhibitionist Joe is – until our weekend in Palm Springs.

Saturday, we got free day passes to the All Worlds Video Resort. No doubt you porn fans have seen the trailer promoting the resort on your All Worlds vids. You’ve probably wondered if there’s any real action at the resort. I am glad to tell you there is. I think they use the free passes to get porn stars there, knowing that the guests will ultimately get a show out of it. Joe and I started out sunning at the pool. We were naked and the drinks were flowing. Wasn’t long before a couple of really sexy boys – a Texan with a beautiful, big, cut cock and his boyfriend – came and joined us. After a few drinks the Texan was stroking his cock to let us see just how big it was. And it was impressive. Maybe 9 inches. I could tell Joe was getting interested in sampling it. But that would have to wait.

At xx:00 the resort does a firecracker show for guests. Contestants come up on stage, strip, and jack off. There were about a half dozen of us on stage, including the Texan and me, and maybe 50 horny guys in the audience. Winner is the guy who shoots fastest and farthest. Normally I can cum pretty quickly, and you guys know how far I can shoot. But the Texan was already pretty worked up by the time he got on stage, and he beat me out (excuse the pun) for first place. Then things got interesting. I headed to the dressing room, where I ran into Texan’s boyfriend. He was already pretty hard and looking for some relief, so I started giving the boy a blow job. It wasn’t long before he was going down on me, and getting me hard again.

We decided it was time to find our boyfriends and make this a four-way. We headed back out to the stage. The audience was still there, but a few of them had moved onstage to join the post-contest action. There were some really nice dicks that needed attention. To my surprise, there was Joe sucking on the Texan’s dick, and the audience was loving it. Joe was really hard and into the attention. The exhibitionist comes out!

The four of us headed to the whirlpool and were very quickly all over each other. The resort is built around the pool area, and the second floor balcony overlooks the whirlpool. It wasn’t long before a crowd gathered to watch the four of us. I’d guess there was about 18-20 in all. Some of the guys just watched, others were jacking off or sucking each other. I could tell Joe was getting really turned on, and wanted to fuck me in front of the crowd, and I was all for it. At the same time, we couldn’t keep the other guys’ dicks out of our mouths. Finally, the four of us came in the whirlpool. And there was cum dripping down from the balcony. Guys, this is what porn should really be about, but usually isn’t! The action was all totally spontaneous, without a soft dick in sight.

Joe and I headed back to our hotel. When we got there, he fucked me three or four more times. It was amazing and really wonderful. Joe is so passionate that I just can’t get enough of him. And I loved discovering how turned on he gets by being an exhibitionist. We’ll have to find more opportunities to let folks watch us. Interested?

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