Get Out And VOTE!!

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If you haven't already, get out to your polling place, excersize your rights and freedom to choose and vote for the future of our country!    The staff at has voted and will be up late watching to see what happens.

If you're a California voter PLEASE be sure to

  What the fine print on the ballot won't tell you is that if this measure passes, thousands of jobs will be shipped out of the state and millions in tax revenues will be lost.  It will have no positive impact on the state of California or the performers and frankly, it's no business of the State's how Porn runs it's own business anyway.  Seriously folks, no matter what you're into, do YOU want to watch porn with guys wearing rubber gloves and goggles??!! NEITHER DO I and neither do any of the companies currently producing the content that you love!

Mind your own B California, and vote NO ON MEASURE B!



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