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I will admit I have been pretty lame this week in getting my posts up and back to everyone.  It has been such a busy summer.   Recently, things have been a getting more organized because I have some help in the filing and office area so I will now have more time to concentrate on writing the reviews and keeping you up to date on the latest in my adventures and the ins and outs of the porn industry.  

I first want to catch everyone up on my trip to the Grabby's in Chicago this past May.  My oh my that was a show. It was a little long but well done.  The show started with a short comic movie hosted by lady bunny and chi chi LaRue.  All the stars were out from days of old to new it was a great feast of man flesh if ever there were such a thing.  I had such a nice time rubbing elbows with everyone catching up with old friends and makings some new ones.  I did meet Eric Rhodes from Falcon, he is a good guy I am sure, but I think something is hurting in him.  I never met someone so physically beautiful and clearly in so much turmoil.

ANYWAYS...  Honey West was fantastic with one of my more recent friends Trevor Knight joined in an onstage free for all with Chi Chi LaRue, Jake Deckard, Dean Flynn & Trevor knight, adding that extra sizzle to the stage was Aaron James, Blake Riley, Ricky Parks & Ross Hurston as the under dressed trophy boys.  We so appreciate the underdressed quality porn brings to our lives.  The three brought a really awesome sexy and interesting show for us.  The show highlights were Jake Deckard tied up on a hand truck and Andy Bell from Erasure presenting the FleshJack Best Cock in Porn Award.  The evening was packed with sexy men being honored for their contributions to the industry.  
After the show we all headed to the After Party at Circuit in Chicago's Boy's Town, the Military Ball.  The party was fantastic it was all decked out in military motif and guys in fatigues.  I arrived with a group of friends, we somehow all crammed into a cab and beat the crowds over.   I hung out with my boyfriend in the VIP area and caught up with some old friends and as always made some new ones.  After a few drinks I headed to the bathroom to take a leak and standing next to me was a total fucking hottie taking a leak.. We stood there for a long enough time stroking our cocks and checking each other out.  The line for the toilet started to grow and the attendant asked us to zip up if we were finished we complied and I gave him a good tip to keep quiet.  I have learned you can get away with just about anything if you just tip a security guard.  ;) Cool  so, I head out of the bathroom looking for Jon, my boyfriend to show him what I had found.  To his glee the three of us immediately headed for a cab back to our hotel.  The night and our trip in Chicago ending with one HELLO FUCKING Hot three way.  An amazing close to an amazing weekend...  Thanks Grabby's and Gay Chicago for making it all happen.

I am going to eat dinner now but I will be back to blog about what happened at my boyfriends MIT College Fraternity Reunion.  




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