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wyoming_ny_tube.JPGHello Everyone,

I wanted to sit down and do a little chat up journaling. I have just returned from the Hollywood Florida. I was attending an internext convention so it was a lot of work but there was time for some fun. Summer sure has been crazy you cannot image all the goings on. I guess the entire adventure really started about two weeks ago when my brother wouldn't stop calling at 6 am and I was like WTF?!?! Finally after I woke up I found out my father had had a heart attack and was in surgery. I called NWA and got on the first flight back to MSP and drove to central Minnesota to the Hospital where my father had just undergone a procedure. The don't even open the heart anymore they go in through the leg and do the surgery to minimize trauma. By the time I arrived in Minnesota it was very late I rented a car and upon arriving to the Hospital parking lot in St Cloud my mom told us to go to bed cause dad had just gone to sleep. The next morning I was there and my father was doing much better. By a few days he was ready go to home from the hospital but had to make several changes in his life, diet, exercise and stress management.

I am just happy the my mom was there for him and they made it through this. Apparently he woke up feeling like he had to vomit with numbness in his arm, and the next thing he was on a helicopter to a heart center. Thanks to the excellent health care in Minnesota he is doing great and back to work already but taking it very easy...

Recently my boyfriend and I had a party to celebrate summer and invited several of our friends over since my best buddie and little brother Will was here visiting us from Brazil. YES!! he is hot too guys and soo single and wants to fall in love. He will be back in January Maybe we should have a date Willian contest. I can get some cute photos of him for the net. HAHA we will see. ANYWAYS, we had a bunch of guest, I got a second degree burn on my hand with blisters the size of plums it was so painful I spent most of the party passing out from the pain with my hand in a cold bucket of water. I can show you the photos but they are really gross. The worst part of getting burnt at a party is everyone has a different home remedy and none of them but cool water works. Oh and morphine. Whoever slipped me that GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Anyways, Will did bring several of his other hot hot hot south american friends to the party and I did find a few minutes to flirt with them.. But it was difficult with my hand in a bowl of water, so I think that I tried alone was success considering we did manage to have a little fun when one of the cute 20 somethings hung around after everyone else had gone home and suggested we all head Here Lounge for a drink. Well that just lead to more trouble, I don't know how at this point I was functioning but there was no more pain, the next morning we will talk about in a minute. We arrive to the bar and we meet a very cute Clark Kent look alike who we immediately take home with us and have a fantastic three way.

The next morning when I woke up my hand looked and felt like someone put it into a deep frier. It was so swollen and blistered you cannot imagine the pain. I will post a pic here but warn you it is pretty bad so don't look if your tummy is weak.

After, all the hectic happenings of the summer I did manage to get in a quick weekend fishing trip to Wyoming. Saw some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Watch Elk, Humming birds, Deer, Bear, Moose, Cow, Bald Eagles, ducks of all kinds, and even ate elk jerky. YUMMY!!! I caught the biggest fish Yes, I gutted the fish, no we didn't use worms sonar and lures are the best way to go. I caught several fish see the photos below. Jon cooked the fish in some bacon with the 3 spices we had in the lake cabin. We also went tubing and enjoyed a day on the lake in the Flaming gorge of Wyoming, The next day we went for a drive back to Salt Lake through the mountains it was lovely. We got on a plane back to LA and back to work.
    Ahhh, Majestic Wyoming
    Skinny Dipping Anyone?
    My Very Good Friend whose like a little Brother, Will. He's a hottie!
    Let's take a closer look shall we?
    Captain Fabulous Boyfriend of The SS Love Boat at the Helm
    Look Ma! I caught a big one...and ate it too!
    CAUTION: Sexy when wet!

    The summer has been very busy and very full of adventure some scary some very fun. I hope everyone else safely enjoys the last few weeks of summer.

    Hugs & Best,

    Nick Young

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