A "Body" of Art - Part 2

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For my second tattoo, I was ready to go a little bigger...  So of course I was ready to cover my right arm!  I'd already gotten my Superman, something very dear to my heart, but I needed Puff.

Let me explain.  Puff is a dragon; however, he's was not just any dragon.  I had found him long before choosing to immortalize him.  He drew me in; the curvatures of his body, the intensity of his figure, and the provocation of childhood memories - Puff the Magic Dragon being one of my favorite stories.  Yet as striking as he already was he wasn't yet mine.  

I brought the original rendering to my artist at Defiant Tattoo & Caffeine Bar, where she added subtle details that alluded to my life and experiences.  It was perfect!  Puff was ready for my arm, and I had thought I was ready for him...

In the tattooing industry, the inside of one's elbow is known as "The Ditch."  It is often described as one of the most sensitive areas of the body to get tattooed.  I, however, did not know this prior to adding Puff.  Although the tip of his tail was all that extended into "The Ditch," it was a pain I'd not expected to endure.  "The Ditch" really was a BITCH!  And it did not end with the completion of the tattoo either, throughout the healing process it continued to crack and split.  It was brutal.

After having obsessed over the original artwork for over two years, it is ironic that it was my second tattoo and not the first; however, Puff required needed more time to develop.  As difficult as it was, he was well worth the pain and anguish required for his fruition.  He is truly one of a kind!

dragon tattoo

Puff - Nick's Magic Dragon







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