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Let's Get Serious with Steve Cruz

steve_cruz_howiroll.jpgSo I am not sure if this qualifies as gossip because I actually heard it first hand, nevertheless I was hanging out with Chi Chi LaRue, Jason Sechrest, Johnny Hazzard, and bunch of other porn peers on Thursday night at The Abbey and got an ear full from porn star Steve Cruz (

Not even making it to his blog ( – yet, I’m not sure if I am at liberty to say this but… eh, who cares? Steve was walking down Santa Monica Blvd and took notice of a HIV Testing Mobile Van on the street (the company shall remain nameless because we don’t want to make any one company look bad and because I was never told which company it was *wink*)!!! Being an outspoken supporter for not only wrapping your cock up while fucking, but also getting regular HIV/AIDS tests, Steve popped in and formerly introduced himself.

He told the workers that he was a porn star and would like to get a test and take pictures and then blog about it on his site that he got a test on the boulevard, further advocating getting regular testing! The van turned him down because of either the publicity or the uncertainty of what the legal affairs department would have said. Honestly, I don’t remember what the ‘exact’ reason Steve gave me was, but he was floored that they wouldn’t want to spread the word via a popular gay porn stars blog/website!!!! I am not going to get on my soap box and give my opinion of what should have been done in this situation, its common sense – isn’t it?

On a similar note but serious note, a bunch of our beloved stars including Steve Cruz, Johnny Hazzard, Matthew Rush, Francesco D’Macho, Jason Ridge and many more shot a video for the new “HOW I ROLL” campaign. Check out the video below and log onto

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  • Kudos for bringing this to the forefront - It's always nice to see Matt Rush butching it up for a worthy and important cause. Kudos for emphasizing how important this issue is.

    Steve Cruz is a charming and sexy guy.

    I like Francesco D"Macho a lot the more I see him.

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