Tick Tock: Only 4 Minutes To Save The World

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I just saw Madonna give a concert in Vienna tonight, oops did I forget to tell everyone I am in Europe?  Anyways Sticky & Sweet, if you have not gotten your tickets yet call before it is too late, I was blown away! The visual imagery was so intense; I was saddened and embarrassed by American Foreign Policy there was a point when one of my best friends and mentors turned to me and said, "Yup, that is YOUR country!".  He was right though, America is my country, well, was our country until we sold out to the Special Interest & Big Oil.  The past eight years have been hard on many of us and harder on the poverty and war stricken areas of the world.  We have pillaged in the name of Democracy and sacrificed our freedoms in the name of security.  According to Ben Franklin anyone who is willing to make that concession deserves neither and guess what.  We are not any better off after 8 years of war and hate mongering.  We can't place all the blame on one man, I think you know who I refer to, lets call him that guy.  Remember we gave that guy a second term!!!  

BUT IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON!!!!  IT is time for change, and time to move forward toward a co-operative future.

We have so much that we need to change in this world in order to save humanity and four minutes…is about all we have! There’s a lot that can be done to help. Tick Tock! What can you do to make a difference? If everyone one of us were to provide the world with one random act of kindness each week, or as stop next time you finish that soda and hold on to the can until you reach a recycle bin.  I was amazed as I sat on a bus in EU today I watched a woman carry her trash in her hand for 4 hours, until she found a place to properly dispose of it. I thought to myself the entire time if everyone followed her example the roads in America would be as beautiful as those in Europe.  Simple SIMPLE S I M P L E little things when combined by the efforts of the billions of us whom occupy this planet would change the world we can do it what are we waiting for???

Keep spreading the word Madge!  We love you!!

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