Scotty B XXXclusive! Stroking It Raw with Marco Paris

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There’s nothing I’d rather do than deliver TRUE porn news that you haven’t read/seen anywhere else – I’m a journalist and that’s what I like to do, deliver fact! I’ve been criticized a lot in the past few months for interviewing certain ‘black sheep’ within the porn industry and/or asking specific questions to models that studios didn’t particularly like. As a journalist it might not be favored, but from a journalistic ‘news worthy’ stand point, interviewing people who are necessarily liked or asking unfavorable questions is okay. If you disagree then don’t tell me you never watched any Fidel Castro interviews with Barbara Walters or any crime show where they speak with the killer/perpetrator from death row to get his/her point-of-view as to why they committed the crime/murder.
marco_paris.jpgJust because we’re talking about Porn doesn’t mean that journalistic integrity has to be checked at the door. News is news whether you hear it whispered through the grapevine, or from your journalistic source of choice. I check my facts, and respectfully, tell it like it is. Now, let’s continue to the news!

I was roaming the Internet a few days ago and saw porn star Marco Paris online. The last time I actually saw him was when he was a guest star at Cocktails with the Stars at Micky’s in West Hollywood and was working a lot with Hot House – that was more than year ago, so it’s been a while! I decided to see what he has been up… and there’s been a lot!

If you follow porn news, there was a lot of controversy about Marco Paris doing bareback films! It’s more than taboo to talk about it within the industry, so I was hoping if I asked him how his career was doing he would bring it into the conversation without me having to ask. Surprisingly, without even mentioning bareback Marco told me that he is prepping to launch his own site called Raw Strokes with his money and name attached to it! The company will be all bareback, but will not feature as many scenes with Marco as you would think, instead Marco says that we will occasionally do a scene, however fans should expect to see more of his models and less of him. Movies are also in RawStrokes future too. Aiming to expand their product-line, the company will also release DVD/movies – one in particular coming out very soon – which will give their catalogue more depth and viewers.

While in conversation, I expressed my feelings about bareback sex and he told me that he wouldn’t mind sitting down with me to talk about his decision. Watch for that on very soon!

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