Scotty B Catches Up: Francois Sagat and Other Porn Star Blogs

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Hello, Scotty B here, I've decided there are way too many porn blogs out there and not enough time to read them. I not only consider it my job to read these blogs weekly, if not daily, and know the news... it's important!!!

If you are an avid Steve Cruz fan and you live in Los Angeles than make sure you stop by The Faultline on December 20 to check this hairy stud out! I had the privilege of interviewing him a few weeks ago in studio and he is the REAL THING, make sure you say hello to him if you're in the Los Angeles area!

Digressing for a minute, if you are looking for a bunch of valuable gay porn blogs, including my own personal site: Scotty B's Blog . Then the site you need to log onto is created exclusively by Brandon Baker from Rentboy! If you weren't aware Brandon is a domain buying whore and has over a dozen sites including: - I'm not kidding.

Speaking of Brandon Baker, another habit of his is traveling a lot! He and his BFF went to Detroit for the week for some debauchery we're sure of. On his blog ( this retired porn star turned face of Rentboy is busy getting ready for his company's next event in Vegas, the AVN Convention which is quickly approaching in the first weeks of 2009. Now an annual tradition, Brandon and Rentboy will host a slew of parties including one involving numerous hotel rooms and debauchery in every single room... I'm not going to give you all the information, you’ll have to read his blog for yourself to get all the 411. Also, I'm not sure if they are doing a Hustlerball Vegas this year, but if they are you can see it at... well you know *wink*!

I've been strangely attracted to Erik Rhodes blog for the past few months. A lot of people I speak with write him off as a messy Porn Star and a tragic excuse, however most of his critics have failed to see the true beauty of his blogs: his words. Few porn stars, currently blogging can write as eloquently and clearly as Erik can. Put his life aside and what the contents of his blog are about. His honesty and realism is breathtaking to say the least. On his December 8th post, Rhodes blogged,

I Love You. I really didn't even see it coming. All I could think is "God, I don't think I have treated you anywhere good enough to deserve an I love you, already". But it felt really good. I had caught myself from saying it a couple times. I felt like I didn't want to be the one to say it first and scare the other person away. I guess I just wanted to know he felt it too. I kept having a daydream of saying I love you and him turning to me and saying back "You’re a porn star, I'll never honestly love you".

Again, his writing: amazing, his factual and *hopefully* honesty in his writing: amazing enough to make other Porn Stars jealous.

francois_sagat_retro.jpgFinally, ever since Francois Sagat deleted his blog a year or so ago and opted to recreate it utilizing photos instead of his words we were pretty sad. I know some laughed because his English wasn't 100 percent grammatically correct, however those who gawked were American bitches who likely only speak one language (their own) let alone write another language - suck it bitches! So anyhoo, leave it to Sagat to post some of the most artistic pictures to be seen on the Internet in a long while. December 10 he decided to share a photo spread of a magazine from across the Atlantic! The photo you see below is crafty and quite humorous - I dunno, what do you think of Sagat donning a retro do and rags?

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