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leo_francois_sagat_cat.jpgHappy New Year folks - since I took last week off because of Christmas I thought I would be extra nice and give you a double dose of what's been going on in the porn bloggosphere.

First up, we have to mention that our friend Francois Sagat lost his precious cat during the Christmas season. Being so close to my dog, JJ, and losing my childhood dog I had for 20 years I know what he is going through. Leo was the apple of his eye and you are in our thoughts Francois. On the flip side, he posted what should be his final Titan movie on his site. The movie Over Drive, was directed by Brian Mills and features a pretty-boy porn star named Marco Blaze. Blaze is a fresh face and there aren't many that look like this wonder! Together Sagat and Blaze make movie magic with soap, suds and a muscle car. Log onto Sagat's site to see the preview or Titan's site to buy the VOD, DVD or Blu-ray.

chrisrockwayexercisecover.jpgA few days ago I was at the local bookstore and I saw my favorite Randy Blue porn star on the newsstand - FRONT COVER! My face lit-up and I was elated that Chris Rockway not only graced this cover so very well but he did it before Reese Rideout did.  Actually I love Reese too, however Nick Young loves Reese and I have always had a minor crush on Chris - the feud on who is hotter has gone on for years and now I can throw this at Nick's face: Chris Rockway made a national magazine cover. After buying it I came home, logged online and found a Chris Rockway Fan Blog! We are elated that there are others that love Chris as much as I do and thanks to Fernando's blog for supplying the magazine cover of Mr. Rockway. For more log onto Randy Blue or the Chris Rockway Fan Site.

Have you heard of the porn star RJ Danvers? Actually, I should rephrase that! In 2008 how could you NOT have heard the name? This boy has transitioned from an ordinary Porn Actor to an ambitious Porn Star - watch out, here it comes... and his blog is great to boot! Reading his thoughts and words he seems like a well-rounded guy and the fact that he loves Lady GaGa makes him, well... FIERCE!

poker_face_video.jpgRJ, like me loves GaGa's Poker Face, song and also wants us to know: "I'd kill to be at the party in that video! The half naked guys dancing and tugging on their ties in the background are super hot :-)" - Me too RJ!!

Okay, ready for some good gossip? I can remember back at my other writing job a year ago my fellow coworkers would log onto the Kruezer at Night site almost daily to see what he was writing about. Now nominated for a Cybersocket Award, Kruezer at Night couldn't be happier and the critics - well they hate it! While we received a lot of flack for interviewing Kruezer on this site we haven't seen any negative repercussions...yet.  Kudos to Cybersocket for the righteous move!!!

On the other hand we know, as in all sites on the Net, that Damon has some fans out there that have turned against him, especially the site Former Damon Fan. While we don't know what to make of the site, it looks as if this site wants to discredit anything that Damon writes and the blogger perceives as being false... hmmm. What do you guys think about creating an anti-anybody blog site?

Finally, to start off 2009 why not take up cooking? If it sounds bland to you just add a dash of Hazzard and cook until hot and steamy. Yes, Johnny Hazzard and Unzipped Blog have teamed up to make the hottest baking show on the Net.  Think Rachel Ray (only way hotter) and the Naked Chef (pretty much literally in Johnny's case).  To see this brand new series log onto his site, we thank Johnny for being so creative and adding a dash of dirtiness to the otherwise monotonous deed of cooking. Next up, a cook off between Johnny Hazzard and Nick Young's boyfriend - now that would be a battle.

See you in 2009 guys!!

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  • Damon Kruezer and rumored L.A. on cam interview - Great updates Scotty! You really fill in some fascinating details no one else covers.

    About Damon Kruezer, I'm really wondering about the video interview in L.A. that's apparently been offered him. Do you know anything about it? Who's the media company or person behind it? So many of us have wanted to see him on camera, I have the feeling he's either a lot more than most people think, or maybe a lot less. Only one way to find out - get him in front of that video camera!

    NE way its amazing, no matter what the man does or says, there are some vocally against him. One thing I never figured out though is what personal stake his critics have in being so emotionally invested - or is it financially invested? - in what he writes. From what I can tell, he's had nothing to do with any of them in any way - so why are they so obsessed? I smell something fishy there. Something not being disclosed. Obviously they're worried about him, what he knows and who he knows. Could it be those few who try to put him down are actually rival site owners (or their puppets) relying heavily on paid links and obvious advertising trying to cut down on his unique user count and increase theirs so they can jack up their own ad prices? Just sayin...

    Oh by the way the real Yves is Kruezer's first and best twinkboi lover in San Francisco, that's been made clear in years gone by. The phony one is running that blog you mentioned. Interestingly, the spelling errors and syntax are exactly the same as a rival blogger named "Elm" aka El Mysterio who hates on Kruezer for being the last one to interview Harlow and Joe before they "went away" over the Kocis murder. "Elm" apparently was in love with Harlow, or at least in lust with him, and can't forgive Kruezer for getting the last word with Harlow instead of him getting it. The guy is so hateful it's obvious he is a major case of jealousy, and how pathetic is it that he impersonates one of Kruezer's boyfriends? Yikes!

    Ah well...a lot of us adored the interview you did with Damon the K, and kudos to Nick Young for putting it up. Likewise Cybersocket in maintaining his voting status despite the efforts of some to get them to take it down. Yeah man, that gay on gay discrimination thing, based totally on innuendo, is something I just don't understand. Can you IMAGINE what J. Curious would say if some ppl. demanded Cybersocket to take down HIS nomination just cuz they have some beef with him? As if!

    Question: Any plans to meet up with the famous- or infamous - Mr. Kruezer when he's in town to attend the Cybersocket Awards next month on the 9th? According to he'll be there, possibly with a returning twink model he seems to be persuading to make a comeback. Just wondering and I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering about that!

    NE way, take care Scotty and keep on doing what you do, I believe in you and so do many others!

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