From Tops To Bottoms and Good Lookin' Stars: Scotty B Reflects

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No one was as shocked as I was that Collin O'Neal bottomed for the first time ever on camera. OH, did you know that he was bottoming for his ex-boyfriend Arpad Miklos? Yes, that's a big jaw-dropping tidbit. I guess with these scary times porn stars are pulling out all the stops and doing just about anything to not only keep members but also gain members.

Was this a good idea for Collin to bottom? I think so. Hard times have fallen on everyone in this industry and not many porn stars can say that they are still exclusively a TOP, Collin held out just like Jeremy Hall and Chad Hunt and the pay off will hopefully be big number for his site. 

collin_oneal.jpg jeremy_hall.jpg chad_hunt_lucas_ent.jpg

Speaking of big dick tops, Wolf Hudson disclosed to me that he's making the big move to West Hollywood from San Francisco. Originally from New York, not one city has been able to satisfy Wolf's appetite... I think a more appropriate place for Wolf would be Berlin. Don't get me wrong, I will love having Wolfie so close to me but I think he's a worldly guy who would do well in the Berlin scene. Wolf has promised to stop by our STUDio when he gets in town so make sure you watch out for that interview - I've been yearning to ask him questions about his bisexuality... it's intriguing to me.

phenix_saint_cocky_boys.jpgAs life happens, one Porn Star moves into WeHo, one ventures out. We spoke to Phenix Saint last week and he's a free agent and exploring the rest of the United States in search of something else. We first met Phenix when he was a Mike Hancock exclusive and he came to do our Cocktails with the Stars show at Micky's in West Hollywood. At that time Phenix was a quiet, more subdued porn actor. Honey, I don't know what time did to him but he is at STUD STATUS and is now sex on legs! If you don't know who he is check out his MySpace page: When we spoke Phenix told me he had a change of heart when it came to LA and living here. "I'm more of a 'chill, lay out in the sun, easy going kind of a guy. I'm not into all the hyped up 'if you don't wear this lable or eat at this place and get into this club then you're a nobody. Some people are into that I guess but it's not my style."

In response to his comment I told him that he "obviously chose to hang around the WRONG kind of people. In my circle, and I think Jason Sechrest would concur that not many people we know care exclusively about their jean lables or shirts they buy (although I will say it's great to have a few nice pieces of clothing). It's great to have nice clothing but not everything needs to be GUCCI, PRADA and have oversized logos to showoff your 'classiness'. I personally think it's reDICKulous for the small minority that insist on bombarding their wardrobe with expensive designers and accessories that they barely can pay for and then can barely pay their monthly car note or rent for their apartment. Again, most porn stars are not like this but there are a few, and you know who they are. Take a look at where they live and what they drive and then think if they should be wearing that $300 pair of True Religion jeans - honestly, sometimes it doesn't make sense.

So this leads me to my new list. The following are the porn stars that look good in what they wear without necessarily showing off labels.

rusty.jpgbrandon_baker_kmh.jpg4. Brandon Baker & Rusty: These boys are both measured by their personality and not by what they wear. These guys always look and smell good and if you see these guys on a regular basis you know that it's not what they wear, it's their confidence and smile that is their iconic label.

chichi_ver4.jpg3. Chi Chi LaRue: We're not sure where she gets her dresses but they are fierce and not CLUTTERED with the cliche designer names. YOU GO GIRL! I can remember once when Chi Chi and I were out to lunch and I enquired about his shoes *they were extremely cute* and she mentioned that they were Gucci, Prada or some other $$ label. Yes, she was wearing pricey shoes but it wasn't what they were, it was how she mentioned the label. In other words she wasn't label dropping to do it, she was mentioning it because I asked. Got it? Thats what we like about her.

christian_owen_jet_set.jpg2. Christian Owen: The few times we've gone out he's had expensive sunglasses (yes, we've noticed) but his clothes are simple, clean and look very chic. I dare you to look at his years past outfits at the GayVNs or The Grabby's, he's always got it together and looks great.

johnny_hazzard_1.jpg1. Johnny Hazzard: Hands down this boy knows how to dress up and drop jaws! He can take a pair of pants and a simple button up shirt and make it look as if it was a million dollar wardrobe. Great job Johnny... keep it up, I wish more people could pull off the mix of alternative yet contemporary clothing you wear!


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  • - You nailed it, once again Scotty. yes, times are hard and these guys gotta do what they gotta do. It's probably the best time for porn fans out there. They finally get to see their favorite xxx studs doing things their big egos wouldn't let them do (on camera that is)! So I encourage more "exclusively top" or solo only guys to give the fans what they want to see. Money is tight these days, so we wanna see more bang for our buck. Literally!!

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