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When it comes to award shows I like to be abreast on everything that's nominated... doesn't everyone?

Over the next few weeks I will be watching more adult movies than I should - tough job, but someone's gotta do it *wink*! Since I'm Nick's roving reporter I thought it would be fun to review as many of the movies that are nominated as possible until March. That way you're more informed and so am I! Look for these reviews starting next week!

The other day I decided to pop into the adult store in my neighborhood to see what's selling and HOT in the gay community. Romantix in Pasadena is filled with thousands of titles both gay and str8, while in the store I was able to meet the new store manager Mindy, who answered most of my questions about what was selling in the gay industry and more importantly what isn't. It surprises me that most adult stores that say they are 'gay friendly' usually scratch their heads when you ask them about their gay products (i.e. - DVDs, toys, condoms etc.) Much to my delight Mindy knew her shit, and even gave me a guided tour of their subterranean DVD store - doesn't that sound hot? By far she said the biggest seller is any gay-for-pay series, especially the anything that comes from Next Door Male. Mindy said that the porn star Tommy D does extremely well - both for rental and purchase.

randy_blue.jpgnext_door_male_little_banner.gifSpeaking of Next Door Male, a special congratulations is due to them! This year they're nominated for a GAYVN Award in the Best Amateur Film category - a relatively new addition to what the Awards usually choose to acknowledge, amateur films are slowly becoming more and more mainstream with such power house studios like NDM, Randy Blue and Sean Cody - isn't it about time? It's common knowledge that these studios offer more money and shoots go a lot quicker - models love them!

Come Over and Play #5, from Next Door Male was nominated along with Amateur Daddy Orgy from Pantheon Productions, Popping His Cherry, from Xtreme Productions, The Porthole 2, from Active Duty, Edge, Volume 2, from ChaosMen and Top Brass, Military Issue #2, from Dirk Yates.



Attempting to "control the ego," or as he jokes on his official blog, Jason Ridge says on his blog ( that he's ecstatic about his three GAYVN nomination nods for his beautifully done movie Paradise Found, and Beyond Malibu, starring Damian Rios. "I'm very happy and excited to be a part of the award show," says Ridge. "I'm still around trying to figure out what to do with my company for the times are tough. I can honestly say I owe no one anymore or is in any kind of debt. I'm making wise choices for me and I'm gonna try and hang in there." We love you Jason and wish you the best too, you're movies are a force to reckoned with it's just an awful time to put forth new titles - we suggest you shoot content for NickYoung!!!

chi_chi.jpgchi_chi_collin_oneal.jpgAnyway, according to her latest blog entry, the only gay porn director who looks good in makeup was in South Beach with her BFF Collin O'Neal buying skinny shit at the trendy store BeBe. She gloats "Ok, I know I have lost weight when I can go into BeBe and buy a belt off the rack!" You go girl and keep up the good work...

Finally before I depart there's a lot of drama in the gay porn gossip world. A lot of people dismiss Kruezer at Night's porn gossip because, well half the time he's just mean to people. I admit, I guiltily review the smutty versus smart site and this week I couldn't bypass the upsetting gossip that we seriously hope is NOT true!!!!!

AEBN/NakedSword has bought Raging Stallion Studios. Chris is telling people it's a "merger", but all that means is that he is now an employee not an owner. "Merger" implies equal, and there is nothing equal about this deal! Word is that RSS had borrowed production money from AEBN to finance their "blockbuster" movies, Grunts and To The Last Man. We believe that AEBN called the loan and basically forced Chris' hand into the "merger".

Why don't we approve? We love Raging Stallion, and worship the ground that Chris Ward walks on. He and his partners Ben, Kent, and Tony are the biggest force in the gay porn industry right now - they're untouchable, making every other porn studio take notice and step up their own production. If AEBN and NakedSword purchased the company... well, it's like the Live Nation and Ticketmaster merger - think about it. Oh... and with that being said, for the record I have nothing against AEBN or Naked Sword, I'm just not in favor of mergers between companies which could end up being a conflict of interest.


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