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NINETEEN, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Apologies, I just had to get that out of the way. GAYVN couldn't narrow it down to a handful so instead they came up with 19 choices... Not only is 19 a bit overwhelming, but it's unnecessary. So who will it be?

The choices for GayVN Performer of the Year are: Brent Corrigan, Steve Cruz, D.O., Dean Flynn, Johnny Hazzard, Roman Heart, Wolf Hudson, Steve Hunt, Tommy Lima, Barrett Long, Michael Lucas, Tory Mason, Logan McCree, Zack Randall, Erik Rhodes, Max Schutler, Ricky Sinz, Scott Tanner, and Diesel Washington.

brent_corrigan.jpg steve_cruz_titan.jpg dean_flynn_titan.jpg scott_tanner_to_the_last_man.jpg johnny_hazzard_2.jpg
Brent Corrigan Steve Cruz Dean Flynn Scott Tanner Johnny Hazzard
romanhart001.jpg wolf_hudson.jpg steve_hunt_map.jpg diesel_washington_rs.jpg tommy_lima_alexander_pics.jpg
Roman Heart Wolf Hudson Steve Hunt Diesel Washington Tommy Lima
barrett_long_jetset.jpg michael_lucas.jpg tory_mason.jpg Porn Star D.O. logan_mccree.jpg
Barrett Long Michael Lucas Tory Mason D.O. Logan McCree
zack_randall_colt.jpg erik_rhodes_falcon.jpg   max_schutler.jpg ricky_sinz_raging_stallion.jpg
Zack Randall Erik Rhodes   Max Schutler Ricky Sinz


Most of these guys I know personally and half of them could easily be excluded from performer of the year. If it was up to me this list would be narrowed down to five deserving Porn Stars - I won't name names, because I do believe in being somewhat nice, however I will give you a rundown on the three I think have the best chance for winning.

steve_cruz_titan.jpg1. Steve Cruz: Raging Stallion's 2008 Man of the Year gave us the Hotter than Hell series which was not only a great idea for a flick but it was brilliantly cast starring Damien Crosse, Luke Hass, Scott Tanner, Dak Ramsey, Rickyz Sinz Logan McCree and Tober Brandt, to name just a few. Cruz was the visionary of this film and starred in the movie as well but I think the thing that impressed the judges was Cruz's crossover from performer to director, that shows a great deal of tenacity and determination. If you want to see Steve's interview with us click here to check it out!

wolf_hudson.jpg2. Wolf Hudson: Is a man who is on the up and up in the gay porn industry. The niche he fits in... well, Wolf doesn't necessarily have one - and that's a good thing! Classify him as bisexual? I wouldn't say so, from his films he seems to enjoy the boys. File him under dirty? I'd say so! This has been the year of the Wolf in so many ways, especially since he's not under contract from any company (until recently signing with but that's not in play when it comes to last year’s body of work) which means he is his own one-man PR machine. Seriously, this man throws together some great press releases as well as catchy MySpace blogs/posts and funny YouTube videos that show off his aspirations for bigger and better.

Is being picked BEST Porn Star of the year determined solely by what you do on camera? Not in my book. Wolf's determination is unmistakable and he won't let anything get in his way. He's truly hungry like the wolf to win best GAYVN actor.

ricky_sinz_to_the_last_man.jpg3. Ricky Sinz: If you've seen To The Last Man, you know that it's possible for a person to win an award based on one movie they've done. What Ricky Sinz has done for the luscious, shoot-em up Pornfest country flick is nothing short of amazing, well deserving of a GAYVN nomination and an award! Sinz, now the Raging Stallion Man of the Year for 2009 has slowly climbed the Porn Star totem pole in the last few years and now, at the top of his game, Ricky isn't going anywhere. If you want to see some of Sinz’ hot work this past year check out the following movies: Hotter than Hell Part 1 & 2, BarBack, Ink Storm, Ink Stain, and Savage. All of these films are available through the Raging Stallion website!


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