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Chi Chi ditched the type and went straight to vlogging on her site: I couldn't be happier because we not only get to hear her but also get to see her skinny ass wearing some fabulous outfits. On the set of her new movie, LaRue is strapped into some sort of torture chair. A drag queen in distress - totally hot. Her new yet-to-be-named movie will star the new studio exclusive Nelson Troy, the two hot veteran Rascal Exclusives Blake Riley and Johnny Hazzard, plus Diesel Washington - to name only a few.

Chi Chi's first vlog is not as safe as people think it might be. Chi Chi goes head-to-head with the controversy/drama that she is somehow boycotting the awards this year. Untrue says LaRue, instead she has decided to honor a previous commitment Down Under - thankfully C1R is made up of different partners so we're sure the incredibly yummy Tony Rios will be there along with some models to accept any awards that the company wins.

Chi Chi also speaks about the controversial AEBN/NakedSword and Raging Stallion merger and tells people to simply "Shut the fuck up," and says that we're all making money and all making movies. On a side note there are not a lot of studios making money anymore, ask around and a lot of studios have all but halted production because of the slow economy, Chi Chi is just a lucky gal to have so much experience, selling power and staying power to keep up selling porn and expanding on her empire.

chi_chi_1.jpgAlso LaRue touched on years back when Chi Chi was blasted because her amazing film starring Johnny Hazzard Wrong Side of the Tracks 1 2 swept the GAYVN's and Chi Chi was the host of the show. She states on her vlog that she has never been paid for hosting or reimbursed for any of the outfits she has worn at the shows she has hosted. "I'm always willing to jump on the stage... I've been dedicated....I love hosting them....I love making good fun award shows for the industry." Regarding her being paid for award appearances, I can personally say that this statement is absolutely true!

I can remember when discussions were taking place for the WeHo XXX Awards and she told me that if she hosted the show or deejayed that she would not charge the event but instead she would just want her studio to have a face in the event. Classy? Yes. There was no hidden agenda or nudge under the table. What came from Chi Chi's lipstick covered lips was 100 percent sincere - no bullshit - and believe me I can smell a load of crap, it wasn't there!!!

Overall LaRue's blog was fun, serious and addictive. I say kudos and I can't wait for the next one!


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