Cocktails with The Stars Return Postponed

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cocktails_poster_april.jpg Will Be Broadcasting the Return!

Well the cat's out of the bag folks!  I was going to make a grand announcement today that my site will be proudly broadcasting the return of Mickey's Cocktails With The Stars to West Hollywood as well as each weekly instalment of this much missed hot piece of Porn Star entertainment. 

A virtual institution in West Hollywood, Cocktails is back and thanks to a collaboration with Micky's, we will be broadcasting the show to you on our site and I am so pleased and excited to be able to bring this slice of the Porn World into the lives of fans all over the globe.  We will have to wait a little longer than previously scheduled, but rest assured, Mickey's is back!  Check out the official press release below for more details.


(WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA) -- The fans and stars eagerly awaiting the return of the infamous Micky's promotion Cocktails with the Stars will have to wait one more week and three weeks for the grand red carpet welcome back party.

What is to be one of the most anticipated returns in West Hollywood porn history has been postponed because of construction and permit delays says the management of Micky's bar. Although the word was handed down to host and cohost of Scotty B and Angel Benton, respectively, they waited until late Monday afternoon for chance of a miracle - however no such luck! On a postiive note, the show will return the following week, April 23, with Cocky Boys Exclusive Bobby Clark hosted by Angel Benton ( The following week will feature Robert Van Damme, hosted by Scotty B

"I've always wanted to get my hands on Robert Van Damme but for some reason or another I could never book him," says Scotty B. "Now that he has his own company he'd love the promotion and I'd love to see him semi-naked!"

To all the fans who are disappointed that the Cocktails with the Stars show will not have a big welcome back bash as planned shouldn't panic, Angel Benton and Scotty B want to welcome back the show properly on May 7, 2009 at 6 p.m.!

"The GRAND OPENING PARTY: VERSION 2.0 will be bigger and better with more surprises, giveaways and Porn Stars... promise!" says Scotty B. "Another good reason for having the welcome back party on May 7 is that now Chi Chi LaRue can help celebrate - it simply wouldn't have been a party without her."

Legendary porn director Chi Chi LaRue has been a staple in the promotions history, however due to prior commitments it prevented her from attending the opening, the 'Cocktails' team hopes this day is more suitable for LaRue! The Cocktails promotion, has been a staple for the porn community featuring the hottest gay porn stars, introducing them to their fans and promotion the adult stars latest movies and ventures. With a new time from 6 to 9 p.m., and Club Papi's institutional party 'Pan Dulce' coming back to Los Angeles, the duo will recreate what a Thursday night in WeHo is! Cocktails has also teamed with the site NickYoungXXX ( to broadcast the show weekly to the world - a first for the show. This teaming is thanks to Nick Young and management at Micky's.


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