Quality Time With Francois Sagat and Tanning

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scott_sagat_hazzard.jpgAfter spending a lot of time with François Sagat while he was in town I learned a lot of things from that funny French man. First off, when taking Sagat out to eat most of the time he will order a hamburger. Number two, he knows way more about gay porn than any other porn star I've ever met. No kidding, he keeps up with all the new porn gossip, exclusives from different studios, websites, blogs and videos - I was impressed to say the least that he knew so much, while most of the porn stars that I interview have no idea of what has been posted on The Sword, GayPornBlog or Chi Chi LaRue's Vlog. Finally I learned that showering after you tan is not good, at least right away - or is it?

Sagat might be a smart man but on this one he's way wrong - or at least in Wikipedia answers site he is. According to http://wiki.answers.com:

Q:When should you shower after indoor tanning?

"Showering right after tanning has no detrimental effect on your tan (tingle and bronzers aside). The issue of drying of the skin by showering is so small that it will not interrupt the tanning process, or cause any uneveness in the tan. Melanogenesis occurs from the inside out, not the other way around. And the skin does not "absorb" UV rays, by the way- melanocyte cells are irradiated and begin to produce melanin from tyrosine, this results in delayed pigment darkening (DPD). The first part of a tan is immediate pigment darkening (IPD), which is the photo-oxidation of melanin granules already present. This occurs quite independently from lotions, showers, etc. Remember, the body has been "tanning" for millions of years, it knows exactly what to do, with or without external factors (lotion companies and salons would like you to think otherwise). So you can shower, not shower, use lotions or not, and you WILL tan. Now about moisturizing, sure it's excellent for your skin, and you can apply it before and after you tan (and shower), and your skin will look and feel great. But in terms of the tanning process itself, if you are properly hydrated (as in drinking plenty H20) your skin will tan properly."

I know way, way, way, too much information there on tanning but since lots of Porn Stars visit this site and so does François himself I thought I'd throw this tanning tidbit out there in the pornosphere!!!

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  • ITS BAD DONT DO IT - Okay, Was is a slow day in porn... LOL!!! I know it makes us look great in the buff, but the long term its bad. Go natural or get a spray tan. Otherwise when you are 40 you are gonna look 60... So wear sunscreen and moisturize boys. Soft sexy young looking skin is far more appealing than a deep dark fake and bake to me any day.


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