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When I started my career in adult entertainment I was working as a go-go boy: traveling around the country from bar to bar, city to city, shaking my ass from Minneapolis to Memphis, Boston to L.A. The typical “tour” would last one or two weeks, driving by car in a group of 2 or 3 guys. Usually the guys, to my disappointment, would get into the car and start talking about pussy and chicks and all that “red-hot” trash. I usually just put on my headphones and ignored them.

There was one dancer, Tommy, who’s straight-talk particularly bothered me—maybe it was because when we got a flat tire the “fag” had to change it while the two straight boys watched. I really don’t know why; after all he was a football player for the University of Minnesota and I don’t think they come any butcher than that. But, like I said, something just didn’t fit... Anyways, we were driving from Kansas City to Milwaukee and Tommy was fighting with his girlfriend. Ultimately, en-route, they broke up. I was relieved; maybe now he would shut up and I wouldn’t have to hear about this bitch that was getting it from this stud. I hated her and I didn’t even know her. Tommy had the most beautiful body you can image: a chiseled torso with rippled arms and striking facial features. And a thick long cock that went for days—I probably enjoyed dancing so much because I got to watch him.

Well, we got to Milwaukee and did our show. That evening after the performance, Tommy suggested that we get something to eat. David, the other dancer, was tired so we dropped him at the hotel and went in search of food. Nobody told us that Milwaukee dies after the bars close so we drove down the freeway until we found some greasy spoon off I-94. We chatted and ate, and as we were leaving the diner we saw a gentleman who had been at the club that evening. He hinted that we weren’t far from his house. Not yet ready for sleep, we decided - what the hell – to go to his place. One thing led to another and Tommy became uncomfortable so, again, the gay man to the rescue. I made up some excuse so as not to hurt the Milwaukee native’s feelings. He was a sweet guy and I can’t blame him for wanting to get with the two of us. Personally I wouldn’t have minded a little play, but something in Tommy’s eyes told me we should get going. We finally made our way back to the hotel where David was sound asleep.

I started quietly getting ready for bed in the bathroom when the door opened and Tommy came in. He looked amazing wearing only his boxers; I just couldn’t help but stare down at his hot cock bulging through his shorts. He must have noticed me staring because what happened next blew my mind. He pulled out his cock showing it off to me—fucking hot!!! Then he suddenly put his hand on the back of my neck and moved my face right in front of his cock. I started working his long hard prick with my mouth massaging it with my tongue. He moaned slightly when I swallowed his shaft down my throat. Needless to say “straight boy Tommy” got the best blowjob ever! I sucked that long hard throbbing cock down the back of my throat until he blew his load all over my face.

His cum all over me, he pulled me back to my feet and said, “your turn.” Lying in bed after we finished he asked me, “When can we do that again?” My response, “Right now if you’re up for it—have you ever heard of rimming?” He was and he hadn’t! But let me tell you that ass was equally sweet and appreciative.

Stay sexy and keep stroking guys!!

Love Nick Young


Go after what you want!!!!

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