Yes Daddy!!

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Hey Guys!! How is everyone doing? Things have been busy in my world. We finally got the site up. What, do you think? I really look forward to reading everyone’s comments, in the forum section. I promise I will answer all post questions, and try my best to respond to every single email. =)

I have so many good stories what should I pick to write about this week!

How about this:

Yes Daddy!!
I think that all of us can appreciate the beauty of a dominant muscle-bound daddy figure with his strong arms and dark features. Well, I do anyways. This was especially so when I was in college back in Minnesota. You see I met this guy at a local bar there called the Saloon. It was the most popular bar in Minneapolis, back when I lived there and every Thursday they used to have “chicken night”. Well, being under the legal drinking age and desperately needing to release some built up gay urges was a Thursday regular at the “Old Saloon.”

One evening stands out in particular, the night I met, call him, Terry. Terry was about 38 years old and carried a massive chest with 17-inch arms. He was fucking hot as hell. When I saw him on the dance floor my cock went to immediate attention. I was hungry for a daddy…

I got his attention and when he walked over to me it was very interesting because I don’t remember him saying a word. Only grabbing me, pulling me towards him, and kissing me deeply. Hot City!!! We danced for a few minutes, exchanged names, and were on our way to his car. He took me back to his place it was pretty cool he had a nice set-up! I especially liked the pool and the hot tub—he called it “The Compound.” Personally, he could have called it “Grace land”, and I wouldn’t have argued. He was hot and I wanted him inside me it was that simple.

So we made our way out to the hot tub where he had drinks waiting for us. We got into the hot tub and finally I got to see him as he took off the shorts out fell an amazing 8-inch uncut cock. It was simply beautiful. I immediately started to work it with my lips and throat. Just listening to his moans nearly brought me to cum—have to admit, I am kind of partial to sucking dick. After a few minutes of working that amazing cock and foreskin, daddy, decided it was time to have a little of my sweet boy butt!

I wasn’t about to object. He bent me over the side of the hot tub and licked my sweet ass for about 15 minutes, I wanted his cock deep in me by the point he put on the condom and had me lubed up I was crazy needing that piece up my butt. As he slid that amazing pole up my ass I just quivered—Damn, it felt good. Fuck me daddy is all I could think!! Boy oh boy did he deliver. He fucked my ass for hours that night. After I exploded in ecstasy we feel asleep in each other’s arms.

It was really sweet, until the next morning I found out he had a boyfriend. We saw each other a few times after that sexually, but it was never quite like that first night.

I haven’t seen Terry since last year at Southern Decadence. Hope your doing well wherever you are.

Hope you are all enjoying the site..

Until next time

I love you all

Nick Young


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