First Love

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Wow what a nice day!! I just finished cleaning out my house today, I scrubbed from top to bottom - not to mention I cleaned out and reorganized my some 50 porn videos. My closed was a disaster, but it is all groovy now!

recently was in Vegas for the Internext convention—what a hoot that was! Hung out with all my porn pals—The Live and Raw Bunch (Logan Reed, Casey Williams, Spike, Jason Hawke, and Jeremy Jordan.) I spent the Fourth of July with two of my very best friends Jason Hawke and Jeremy Jordan. Last week Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke, Jeremy Spencer (editor of GayAVN), Alex Burbon, and myself all went to Sherman Oaks to play put-putt it was a hoot! Other than that I have just been working and playing. Not to mention Alex Burbon has been keeping me pretty busy, did everyone catch our Live and Raw appearance? It was amazingly fucking hot!! Can t wait until it is up; here so all those of you who didn’t see it can catch it. Or just keep rewinding it. Let me know what you think. Well, lets get to this week’s story.

First Love
Imagine growing up in a small town in rural Minnesota. Hicksville, population 508. “Gay” was something we laughed at everyday when it was sang in a Flintstones jingle. The closest metropolitan area Minneapolis—150 miles southeast, you could say I was literally in the middle of nowhere. By second grade I knew something was up when I asked my teacher if I could marry my friend Ryan and she sat me down and explained that boys DON’T do that with other boys. I walked away very confused. I did not understand why I could not behave this way with other boys when my feelings told me otherwise. Especially since my parents always told me to trust what I felt. I mean, come on, I was a good kid—an alter boy and it didn’t feel wrong at eight years old. I decided, however, that I did not like the reaction I received on this subject so I decided to hide my feelings. Occasionally through the years I slipped up and was called a faggot or queer, but I never worried, because I knew one day I would escape my small town hell to anywhere. Big Laugh! They would call me names at lunch then ask for help on the afternoon chemistry quiz. Yeah Sure!

So at the age of 17, I left my High School early and moved into the halls of residence at Moorhead State University. I could not wait to get out of that small town. I got to the dorms early on a Wednesday morning; excited to meet my roommate Chris—what a sexy name. Chris arrived late wed night drunk, smoking a cigarette, only a few bags, and a stereo with speakers that nearly filled the room. Chris just happened to embody everything I so desperately fled back home. And he smelled bad. His only redeeming quality was his best friend Jeff. Jeff was a little shorter than me about 6’ with a very nice very defined chest, other than his friend Chris he was hot! Anyway, I kind of liked his “Bad Boy” act.

Several weeks into our first semester one evening Chris had gone back to his home town 200 miles away in a storm because his girlfriend had a hangnail or something. I was sitting on the floor playing “Super Mario World” on Nintendo when Jeff came by looking for Chris. Just the sight of him in he football jersey and Umbro shorts made my cock stand at attention.

Jeff, “Hey man what’s up?”
Nick, ”Hey Jeff. Not Much.”
Jeff, “Too bad. Where’s Chris?"
Nick, “Ahhh, Melissa had some problem and he went home."
Jeff, “Ha! He’s whipped.”

We sat together played video games talking for the next few hours.

The game Jeff was playing ended; he got really quiet and just stared into my eyes. Suddenly he reached his hand for the back of my head and kissed me. I stood up in a jolt, he with me, taking my hand in his. Looking into my eyes he kissed me again this time longer and harder, it felt so right I just kept kissing him. My cock raging hard and dripping with precum had to be showing through my boxers. He continued kissing me as we stood there, I slowly reached out with my left hand’ my right still in his, and felt his cock through his shorts. It was rock hard and I wanted so bad to see and taste it.

I dropped to my knees and stared for a moment at it bulging our through his shorts. I began softly kissing his stomach and pubic area as I pulled down his shorts he pulled off his shirt exposing his beautiful chiseled chest. I continued down with the shorts until a beautiful 8-uinch ragging hard cock was exposed. I stared at it hard and erect for a moment then opened my mouth and swallowed the entire shaft down to the balls. I could not get his cock far enough down my throat. He started moving his cock in and out of my mouth as he moaned gently slowly pumping my face with his huge prick. Suddenly he pulled out and sprayed his load all over my face and chest. On my knees dripping in his cum he stared longingly into my eyes as he cleaned off his juice with his tongue. As he finished he took me by the hand over to the bed, he smiled, “Your turn” his eyes sparkling, “I want you to fuck me.”

I could not believe what I was hearing I smiled back at him, “Whatever you want.” He got on all four; I had condoms, but no lube. He suggested spit, I was happy to comply. His beautiful bubble ass pointed up at me I spit on his hole as I spread his ass with my hands. I worked up some more and spat on his hole again. I still don’t know how, but the next thing I knew my tongue was licking his hot hole as if it were my life’s purpose. He began moaning his ass all wet and ready from my tongue working hi hole. He groaned, “Fuck me.” Me on my knees, Jeff on all fours with that hot ass in the air waiting to be pounded by my cock. I wet my cock with some spit and slipped on the condom. I grabbed my cock and slowly massaged the opening of his hole.

I could tell his ass was going to be tight so I gently worked the head of my cock and slowly slid all 9.5 inches into his tight waiting hole. He moaned loudly and begged me to fuck him. I started moving my raging hard cock in and out of his ass. My cock couldn’t get enough of that virgin hole. Plunging deeper with every thrust harder and faster until I could not take it anymore. I pulled my cock out of his ass and shot my load drenching everything in 5 feet with a gallon of cum. His neck and back covered and dripping with cum I licked off every drop. We lay on the bed caressing one another until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Well, a few weeks later Chris (my roommate) was failing all of his subjects combined with girlfriend problems let to his dropping out before spring semester. Seeing as both mine and Jeff’s roommates moved out we decided it would be more “cost effective” to room together—lets just say I couldn’t wait to finish class each day. We finished the semester with many more hot sessions—sadly I followed a grant to study Biology at the University Of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Jeff stayed in Moorhead.

Best wishes Jeff - Love ya stud!!!

Nick Young



Keep Strokin Boys!!!

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