Evening of Debauchery and Angel Kisses

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What really happened at the Gay VN awards!!!

The night began normal enough. I went shopping at Macy’s and purchased a brand new lime green DKNY top for the evening. Thank you so much for that Glenn! Glenn is an angel from Boston, who takes very good care of me. Well, after shopping for my shirt I hurried home where I got ready for the awards. The Limo arrived and we were off to pick up Jeremy Jordan and Jason Hawke who were staying with Chi Chi Larue at the time. The car was fierce it was a black stretch—loaded!! Glenn really took us out in style. After picking up the boys we headed off to Channel One’s studios to pick up Casey Williams and Rob Kirk to complete our group. As we drove through Friday evening traffic we helped ourselves to the wet bar and the champagne it was lovely. By the time we reached the event we were all carrying a pretty good buzz.

So we get to the Bonaventure and start to mingle. Blah Blah Blah the normal chitchat took place you know bumping elbows and schmoozing, checking out all the hot meat, and, hopefully finding your date for the after-hours. Quite simply, my favorite event—hot men, gorgeous trannies, and people just having a great time. It is the greatest thing on earth.

So we took about a million pictures. I wonder where they all end up? Anyways, we then, finally sit down for dinner. It was good I guess from this point on I cannot be too sure of what really did take place. I remember Jeremy Spencer getting upset with Jason Hawke, Jeremy Jordan, and Myself because we went cruising in the limo when we were supposed to be presenting. But it all worked out and was fabulous—I think. =) And I hope Sharon Cain found her shoe. When I present her award I got a little excited when I hugged her and as I spun her around, her shoe went flying off somewhere, I believe I saw some cute boy putting it back like Cinderella, but like I said I can’t be sure.

So, the awards are over, by the way, I took home one as you all can see on my awards page. Awards So we head off to the Argyle Hotel on Sunset I think, where we attended Chi Chi LaRue’s Fabulous party. Well, for a short time. I got pretty lit so, Glenn, being a perfect gentleman had the limo return me home.

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