Getting Groceries: California vs. Home

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One just never knows when it is going to happen. One minute you’re strolling down the isle in a busy supermarket, suddenly your making passionate love to daddy checking out the steaks. I mean really, a person cannot go to the ATM in this town without getting laid. It is fantastic. But really, what is it about L.A. that makes for so much sexual energy??

Personally I think it is a combination of a few things. Number one I personally cannot believe the number of beautiful people living in Los Angeles. All those gorgeous bodies walking around really can get the old sexual tension rising. Another big contributor is, most likely, the weather. All the sun your body can soak up, everyone looks good in a tan. Third, I have always believed that, men do not need a reason to fuck, they simply need, a place!

So, I was on my way home from running all of my errands today when I decided I needed a little cash for tonight. I swung by the Bank ATM to withdraw some cash. Standing at the terminal next to me was this gorgeous Latin God. He was about 5’10” dark brown eyes and short hair, whit muscles bulging for days. We made eye contact. He smiled I smiled back. I got my cash and on the way back to my car he asked me what I was doing this afternoon. I told him I was on my way home and didn’t have any plans.

Somehow I think you can all guess how I spent my afternoon. This boy was hung like a horse with foreskin for days. I swear we shook the walls for a good two hours. Finally, when he had no more strength he went on his way. Being SINGLE again Kicks Ass!! Watch out boys I am back on the prowl.


UPDATE: Live From Nick’s Home Cumming Soon!! Just wanted to let everyone know that I have ordered DSL service and will soon be adding webcam to my bedroom and a live show to be included with the site membership. I hope to have this up in the next month. On a nightly basis you will be able to watch me live from my bedroom as I do whatever... :) I look forward to chatting with everyone!!

God Bless
Have a great weekend
Nick Young


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