What is our Purpose?

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The past week was nice. Very mellow the way I like it. I spent a lot of time thinking, cleaned my house, did some laundry, and spoke with an ex. That is always a blast. I think I will call Jason Hawke and Jeremy Jordan today to see if they want to go to the beach. It’s a beautiful day in LA, then again, it almost always is. Well, for this week’s journal entry I wrote a poem, and a fantasy. I hope you enjoy. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is our Purpose?

It seems we spend our lives searching
For things we may never find.

Striving to live a life dreamed as a child.
Ignoring what is placed in front of us.

What is our purpose?

As long as we keep asking ourselves,
The strength to finish the race will be found.

The blueprint has been laid,
Ours is simply to follow the path, to fill the voids.

Love, will find you if you let it.


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