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This has been one of the craziest weeks ever. Sit back and enjoy.

It all started off this past Wednesday when I had to take Jason Hawke to the Airport to rent a car. On the way to the airport we get a flat tire—GREAT!! So we change the tire and I manage to get the car home incredibly nerve racking. But, as if that wasn’t enough, the next day I get the tire fixed and on my way home from work, out of nowhere a 5 series BMW smashes into me.

Out of the car steps this incredible hunky Latin man with soft brown eyes and a 1000-watt smile. To my surprise the only damage was his front tire was flat, not a scratch on either of our cars. Pretty cool, but this is where it gets funny, being the nice guy that I am I waited with him while the tow was on the way, we exchanged info and I was off. Yesterday, I got a call from a guy named, Mark, then it dawned on me, it was the BMW guy. So I called him back.

Well, long story short, by the time he got to my place last night I was pretty tired and not much happened as I was almost asleep, but this morning when I woke up and saw, no shit, a rock hard erect 11x9 inch cock. THE BIGGEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!! I thought I was dreaming. Well, let me tell you I rode that cock all morning long. I must have cum like 6 times and him at least 3.

So, I sent him on his way and went up to the roof where I tan every Saturday and Sunday, and flirted with my hunky neighbor. His boyfriend got jealous like he always does, don’t worry baby I am not going to steal your man. Play with him maybe, but never steal him. =) Anyways, I get to Channel 1 and start my show. Well, off in the other room they are filming some scene, when this hot little newcomer comes over and swallows my whole cock… Damn, could that boy suck cock!! Lets just say I think my balls need an hour to make some juice as they have been getting pretty drained the past few days.

See you all soon…

The live webcam will be coming hopefully within 2 weeks…
Till then stay sexy and keep stroking
Love and Hugs
Nick Young


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