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Hello Everyone!!

Hope we are all enjoying our long Labor Day weekend. I know I would rather be doing anything then what I have been up to. I had my wisdom teeth removed this past week and I have to say I have never experienced anything quite like this in my life.

OUCH!! Holy Shit did that hurt!!

Well, anyways I got a new desk today, and spent the morning reorganizing my office—finally the way I want it. Since I can hardly see much less type at this point. This week I am going to post something a very sweet fan wrote to me which has gotten me off a few times. ;)

Nick, Our sex and love sessions would last for hours. We would go to our room embrace each other. Our lips would lock, as our hands would pull us together. We would feel each other's heartbeat thru the other's chest. We would reach back and feel the other's tongues with our own. We would feel our erections getting stiffer. You would feel your luscious foreskin retract and feel the head of your cock pop out of its’ protective layer. You would reach down and feel my cut member and understand its’ hardness. Later as we shower and soap each other I would run my fingers through your hair. Is it still short? Buzzed low? Our passion would ignite. I would lower myself to my knees in the shower and work magic on your cock. I would engulf you as you come. I would stand up and carry you, spent, to our bed. I would towel you dry and lay you on your stomach. I would begin eating your ass. I would eat you and work magic with my tongue on your asshole. It would be wonderful I don't know if you like poppers? Do you? Have you ever used them? If you have I will get you a new bottle. You will feel your asshole opening for me as I massage it with my tongue and lips and then my fingers. I will relax it so it will open for me. You will trust me with your asshole as you open yourself to me? I will lower myself and keep stretching your ass until I can get 3 or 4 fingers up in you. I will massage your hole and stroke cock as I bring you to ecstasy. You will feel my heartbeat through my other hand, which will be embraced in yours. It will be wonderful as two handsome gay men have awesome great sex with each other. We would have sex that others dream of. I will work 3 to 4 and then 5 fingers in you. You will feel me pressing you from the inside out sideways. Your pleasure would be my purpose. If you ever were my boyfriend I would do this o you every night. We would have our slow nights--as we each need a break every now and then. Then we will just sit on the couch and watch TV, with our arms wrapped around each other. My massive 6' 4" 235 frame is yours to use as a great big pillow. Every night open your heart to me and tell me all your events of the day good and bad. Everything would interest me. As men we can show each other trust, care, and concern for the others well being. What man would not truly want this from another man? I will tell you my day's events and would do everything possible to make your life easier. Your problems would become my problems. Your peace of mind would be my reward. As you fall asleep on my arm I would pull a blanket over us to keep us warm so we can feel each others body heat radiate against one other. It would be a beautiful experience. I would have a tear in my eye every time you trust me with your inner secrets and personal thoughts. I would also, be thrilled if you wore an article of clothing of mine to keep a memento of myself around you constantly. Hope you find this nice to read. I figure you are out in Los Angeles or somewhere far away from me? I am going to go whack off to some hardcore. Of my favorites is Falcon Studios “Mercury Rising”. Found it? Also, Falcon Studios “Bad Behavior” and anything with Steve Pierce. I love his fisting scenes. They are really HOT! Well let me go jerk off now!! (Ever see a Studio 2000 release called Tailspin?) I would love to see you ball each guy in that video. As long as you stuff that gorgeous uncut ten inch cock up my ass. So I can feel your massive erection in me.

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