High Desert

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Filming “High Desert” was a really different experience than I was used to in the adult film industry. Up to that point I had only done a handful of videos and wasn’t really prepared for what I ran into on the set in Yucca, CA.

The Day Before
When I arrived, in Yucca it was as hot as hell, I swear you could cook an egg on the sidewalk. But, I really didn’t mind because I was getting a great tan. I got there the day before I was scheduled to shoot so I could do my stills and relax some before my big sex scene. Little did I know what was cooking.

The Morning
So we are getting ready to film the morning scene that I was suddenly thrown into. Although the scene was thrown together last minute and no real thought for my afternoon of “work” which lied ahead, I had no objection to getting to suck more cocks. Jack Ryan, Dylan Reece, Dean Phoenix, Troy Michaels, and myself were all ready to get going. But the producer I wont say who kept telling us to stay soft. I was like good gawd who the fuck cares if they can sell the damn thing in England. We are all horny now and want to play—not to mention we all had taken our “V”itamin already. So we get the scene going and it was hot cock sucking all around. I mostly got worked on and got to work on Dylan Reece and Jack Ryan two very nice cocks to play with I might add. While over our shoulders on a big boulder played Troy and Dean. It obviously made for a hot scene because we were nominated for Best Oral Scene at the Gay VN awards. And I have no idea how their English sales are doing! LOL!!!

The Afternoon
So, after pretty much spending myself in the morning scene I was scheduled to do a full scene that afternoon. So I spent a few hours napping while they shot another scene.

As you know from the scene I was out enjoying a walk through the desert when I happened on this old trailer—home to beefy hick Austin Masters. Well, now onto the interesting part, originally, the Dyke director of this flick decided it would be “Hot” to see the boy next door chewing on some women’s panties while trying to suck Austin Masters Cock. Personally, I would have just liked to suck the cock, but it wasn’t a bad compromise—fills a niche she kept saying. As far as I was concerned they were just in the way. So as we promptly moved past that, to my favorite part—the fucking!! Austin gave me a good ass plowing as you can see from the footage. Since I had already blown a load a few hours earlier, I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to have my ass filled with his man cock ever stroke was amazing. It was perfect, other than the fact that the director was freaking out about we got 5 more minutes of light. It was crazy. So we got the all-important cum shot and packed up. Too bad I could have used a few more minutes of plowing. Then the scene ends with Austin’s Hotter than life wife cumin into the mix played by Mistress Mona. That was my favorite part of the movie.

The Evening
After shooting I was exhausted. I said my goodbyes packed up my things and headed back to LA. I got back to Chi Chi’s house where I was staying, to find Nino Bacci, and Caesar getting ready to go out. We spent the evening at The Factory in West Hollywood. That was one hell of a night.

And that’s how it happened.

It has been an interesting Labor Day weekend; Last night we celebrated Casey Williams Birthday, Happy Birthday Casey.

Till Next Time
Keep Strokin Boyz
Love and Hugs
Nick Young


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