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Website Update
All in all this week has been much better than last I have to say. It has been quiet around here, well as quiet as an always, horned-up porn star in his prime can be. ;) Spending a lot of time working on some new features that we are going to be adding to the site, which I am really excited about. Soon, the webcam software will be ready and I will be streaming from my home. Also, working on a personal photo album and a Bio section—these can all be expected in the next month or so. My goal is to get the Webcam and Schedule up and running as a priority. Then I will concentrate on the other stuff.

Los Angeles

The election for city council is fast upon us! September 11, 2001 I know I will be casting my vote for Green Party Candidate Denise Munro Robb, I have never endorsed the Green-Party as of yet, however, I feel that for the first time they actually have a chance at making a difference. The biggest changes all begin with a baby step.

The weather here looks kind of gray today I sure hope it clears up!

Well, it has been a rather quiet week for me sexually and that has been no easy task. You see a week ago I had a wisdom tooth pulled and therefore cannot have oral sex for 2 more weeks! UGH! So I have been beating off probably like 12 times a day. NO SHIT!! I have always had this amazing sex drive that people have always said wait until you are older it will go down. But it doesn’t seem to be decreasing to me. In fact, it seems to intensify as I mature. Hmm, at the rate I am going, soon I will be doing nothing but staying in my bed all day fucking. Sounds good to me!

Thank god for Falcon Studios and Chi Chi’s Live and Raw. Not to mention the about a million porno’s I have watched over the past few days. And as always gotta love my dildo collection, they have been cumming in quite useful over the past few days.

Things have been really busy with my job, 9-5 can sure be tough! My dad laughs at me saying it’s not so bad and that I am actually pretty spoiled because I work “Bankers Hours”. I must admit that is much better than the “Farmers-Hours” I worked growing up. My bosses, have been out of town, so I get to watch “Blue” while they are away. Blue is the coolest “dog” I have ever met. He is a beagle, so walking him takes like 2 hours since he has to smell and pee on everything and I have never seen such a small dog try to aggravate every big dog in the neighborhood. I guess he understands that when there is a fence between him self and them there is really nothing they can do—just bark. Oh! I almost forgot, I got a raise, not a big one, but a raise non-the-less.

Up-Cumming Events
Joey and Carlo’s Palm Springs Pool Party to benefit

September 22, 2001

CAMP Palm Springs

Hope to see everyone there!!

Till Next Time
Stay Sexy and Keep Stokin
Love and Hugs
Nick Young


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