“Now and Forever”

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I have been told that I fall in love too easily. Something, which can be a hindrance when working in porn. Trying to juggle a boyfriend, a professional career, and a porn career—is pardon the pun, but a lot of balls in the air. Originally, when I started out in porn I had a tendency of falling for my co-stars. Not a good idea. Especially since many of them, like myself, are not at points in their lives where a monogamous relationship is a reality.

One of these crushes, which I remember in particular, was on a boy I met while filming for Studio 2000, “Now and Forever.” Funny thing is I don’t even remember his name—I think it was Trevor Halston. Well, anyways, I met this gorgeous guy who couldn’t get enough of my cock in his ass. We were inseparable the 3 days he was in town. It seemed that we did nothing else, but spent a lot of time fucking. That boy had an ass that could take it for days. It just seemed he couldn’t get enough of my cock up his hot little hole. As you know from watching the movie it was a pretty hot scene, but I have to say as in many cases the chemistry that we experienced off-screen was AWSOME!!!

Well, like all my affairs, this one lasted a brief time and brought me countless memories that I will cherish forever. Working in porn, I have to say, has been one of the most unique experiences that one can ever have. The relationships that one develops are so intense an often very brief—but memorable none-the-less.

Soon, the software will be ready and you can all watch me from my bedroom—LIVE!!!

I will keep everyone posted on the timeframe for this. So keep checking back often. Keep suggestions coming on things you would like to see on the site. Stop by the forum often to keep up on the latest happenings and to find out just what makes my world go round.

Los Angeles
Not much going on here, just been relaxing! Working a hell of a lot, but as I always say better busy than having nothing to do. I so wanted to go see Madonna, but there will be more opportunities.

Cum and meet me at the Joey and Carlo Pool Party in Palm Springs CA September 22, 2001 at CAMP Palm Springs.

Hope to see you all there.

Well, I have to run…

Hope you all have a groovy week.
Stay sexy and keep stroking
Love and Hugs
Nick Young


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