Man’s Country

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Shortly after filming my first movie “Sextortion.” Raul of Jump Start, an amazing booking agent, got me a gig at the famed “Man’s Country” in Chicago, IL. I got on the plane early on that May morning not really knowing what to expect, as this was my second real gig as Nick Young. It was a quick flight from Minneapolis to the “windy city” I quickly made my way from the airport to No Clark where the club and the “star-suite” are located.

For those of you whom have never been “Man’s Country” is a very large bathhouse with a pool, hot tubs, and, of course, a stage. Also, the location where the annual Grabby Awards are held. (See awards page) I walked in really not knowing what to expect…

After getting all settled into my room, I started watching television as I waited for my two best friends Matt and Will to arrive from Minneapolis. They decided to join me in Chicago, opting to drive down while I flew, so I was a few hours ahead of them. I grew bored with the television and decided to take a nap. The phone a few hours later--they had arrived. Will and Matt are my two best friends ever since college, people used to call us the three musketeers because we were always together.

So, they come up to the room and I immediately send them out for food and alcohol while I begin getting ready for the show. I quickly got ready by the time they returned with food and we ate and with lots of time on our hands decided to go down to the local bar, which was connected to the club. As the headliner, I was taken very good care of at the bar i.e. free drinks for all of us. Got to love that.

After getting a pretty good buzz on it was time to move on to the club, where I met the show director, Sarabia. He was a really cool guy. He showed me to my dressing room and gave me the tour of the facilities. Matt, Will, and myself were more interested in the strippers dressing room which was across the stage from where mine was. We walked over to where the local strippers were getting ready, for their shows and well helped fluff them up for their numbers. There was this one guy who was dressed like a lion or bear or something, I don’t really know, it was some animal. But damn he had this huge cock, and although he said he was straight, he sure didn’t seem to mind me sucking his piece of meat. Unfortunately, for him, he blew his load before he made it to the stage—my bad. Ha ha. At least I had fun, right?

So we get to my turn to dance, by this point my buzz was pretty much gone, so I was able to do my show. It went really well, one of my better preformances I would have to say. The crowd was really cool. By the time, I had finished performing and I looked at the clock I couldn’t believe it—time had flown by and it was 4:20 already. So we quickly made our way to the after-hours club. I cannot recall the name only that we had to walk down a really dark really narrow and very long alley to get in. Then the bouncer wanted 20 dollars, but I gave him one of my little grins and he let the three of us walk right on by.

The three of us walked around checking out the local meat and decided on this one really cute boy who literally looked like he had fallen off the banana boat that morning. I walked over and simply asked if he wanted to cum back to my hotel with my friends he was more than happy to oblige. Turns out he really did literally just arrive in the country—he had only been in town for two days from Germany when we got a hold of him.

We made our way back to the hotel room where the three of us stripped him down and took turns blowing him and playing with his body. Then, I flipped him over and took that sweet little German hole and worked it with my huge cock until he blew his load all over Matt’s face as he was sucking his big uncut cock at the time. By this point it was six am and the three of us basically passed out from exhaustion.

We woke around noon the next day, Saturday, and went out for breakfast, as this was a two-night gig. We spent the day in Chicago’s Boy’s Town. It was a blast just to enjoy a beautiful day with my two best friends being gay men in a beautiful city. We spent the day shopping and cruising, and that evening we stopped at almost every gay bar on the local strip. By the time we got back to Man’s Country for my show we all had a pretty good buzz on and were ready for anything.

I finished my show and made it back to the hotel when I realized I had forgotten to get paid, so I quickly went back where Sarabia was waiting for me with my money. We then being so exhausted from the past two days event decided to take a quick nap before going out again. Well, we woke up around noon, from this quick nap. The only problem with that was that my flight was supposed to leave at 12:30—OOPS!!! Missing flights was something I was about to get really good at. Since they had my car—remember they drove down, and Matthew had gotten us horribly lost trying to find the airport we just decided to all drive home together. All in all that was one of the best bookings ever.

Thanks Raul.


Stay Sexy Guys and Keep Stroking
Love and Hugs
Nick Young


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