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Last week I wrote about “Man’s Country” in Chicago, IL interestingly enough where I will be performing this weekend. Live October 12th & 13th. Hope to see you all there. This week I want to tell the story of my first gig as Nick Young.

It all started via one of my best friends Patrick, you see he was the webmaster for “Faces Cabaret” in East St. Louis. He told me about this club there that hired dancers. Now remember this is all before Nick Young. So, being the eager young-man I was. I sent the owner a few pictures of myself. I immediately got a response he suggested that I contact Raul, of Jumpstart, in Chicago. He (the owner of Faces) thought I had a really good chance at making a go of a career in adult videos. So, I with my two best friends, Matt and Will, I drove down to Chicago, on one of our weekend visits.

Shortly after we arrived in town, I gave Raul a call. He told me to stop by his house—I complied. We chatted for a bit he asked me the standard questions, basically to make sure I never wanted to run for public office. Then we shot off a few rolls of film and burned up some video all to be sent off to the studios in Los Angeles. Shortly after this I was on a flight to LA where I filmed “Sextrotion” for Catalina Videos. This all occurred March 8,1999. I retuned to Minneapolis after filming Sextortion when I would receive a call from Raul telling me that Faces wanted me to appear live and dance in their cabaret show. March 19th is a day I will most likely remember for many years to come. I got on my flight to St. Louis; everything seemed to be happening so fast. I got off the plane and was met by a very sweet gentlemen Dan would be my lil helper for the next few days. It was his job to get me to the club on time and to take me around town show me the sites take me to diner etcetera—not a bad job huh?

The first evening of the two evening booking was really cool, I got to the club and danced my heart out, remember this was a live nude show. I had soooo much fun. I swear that these Midwest boys had never seen a big uncut dick before. They went crazy for it, which just made me go wild. I was so horny and worked up from the days travels as I encountered that boy in the crowd, all I remember is grabbing him and forcing his mouth down on my rock-hard cock making him swallow my meat he began sucking and working my cock right there on stage for everyone to see. He did this for a few moments until I blew my huge load all over his face it must have flown 6 feet.

This lil hottie followed me back stage where we had some more fun. Until I decided I wanted to check out the rest of the club. Well the owner was more than happy to show me around, he took me downstairs and showed me a more private bar. Lets just say I saw an opportunity and I took it. I got up on the bar removed my shorts and began stroking my cock until I blew my load all over that bar, an older man so turned on by this licked my cum off the bar, he didn’t miss a drop. HOT!!!

I shortly thereafter left the bar with a group of local hotties who took me back to one of their houses where we all partied and fucked the night away. It was at least 10 when I arrived back at my hotel. I slept the day and woke up ready for my second show. That evening a very sweet older gay couple took me to diner at a local gay resturant I had salmon it was lovely. That night, however, in the car on the way back to the club for my second show I had the opportunity to meet one of the sweetest people in the adult business. Billy Herrington. We were performing together that evening, it was really nice to meet him he was HOT HOT HOT. And for as hot as he is he is that sweet.

We got a long really well. He did his show and I did mine, he then left the club to return to his hotel, but I stayed until approximately 9am when I was rushed back to the airport to make my flight—lets just say flying with a horrible hangover is no joy especially when the person sitting next to you wont shut up and a baby is screaming behind you. But the memories, those are mine forever.

This week, I will be relaxing and cleaning my house to get ready for a visit from my family the last week through the first week of November. I am really excited to see family again.

No Live and Raw this week as I will be in Chicago.

Man’s Country
Chicago IL
Oct 12th & 13th

Web Site
As many of you may have noticed I have been unable to receive email for a few weeks, I am assured that this will all be up and working very soon. Thank you for your patients. I will notify everyone as soon as it is up and running again. In the mean time continue to enjoy the site. If you have questions for me please post them to the forum.

Have you all check out the new bio sections and chat? Nightly I will be checking into the chat room at 8pm Pacific Standard Time. Hope to see you there!!

Well, that’s it for this week thank you for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed

Till next week,
Stay sexy and keep stroking
Nick Young


Oh, btw Ricardo—where have you been? I have a question for you sexy ;)

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