Chicago - How Does “trouble” Always Seem to Find Me??

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I looked out the airplane window to a blanket, resembling the unique craftsmanship of the Amish. Vibrant colors sprung forth and seemed to dance like elves through the canopy. It had been almost two years since I have seen the fall colors of the North Woods. Although still nearly 400miles from where I grew up, it felt familiar. Save the allergies and dreadful winters it is not such a bad place, but alas it is no Los Angeles.

It never fails you are traveling all by yourself alone in a group of strangers when you meet a young man, in his mid 20’s. His dark deep eyes seem to take you to a place you only seldom recall—a youth long past. His body chiseled of marble by a Grecian God, which carried his spirit with the softness of an angel’s kiss. It almost seems a radiant light forth from him projects onto my soul. When with him all is calm, like a warm summer day on the Great Plains. Hell this boy was Adonis.

I spent the weekend getting to know a strange soul all the time knowing our time together was limited and quite possibly it may be the last time I ever experience this person. Although saddened by this fact, it never the less remains a fact. Traveling souls who meet for a brief period and travel for a moment in time, just long enough to enrich or teach us a lesson. Bottom line, don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring because, it is my experience that it is going to come either way. Enjoy every moment you spend with someone and let them know just how much they mean to you and how special they are.

Back to the story, Jorge was a very sweet boy who took the time to get to know me and spent those two rainy afternoons making Chicago a special time for me. He went to great lengths to make sure I was comfortable even driving me at 4am to eat after I finished my show.

We came back from the diner that last night, we were both exhausted from the weekend and believe me it was a busy weekend. But this last night stands out the most special to me. We had some of the best oral sex I think anyone has ever had. This boy had an eight -inch uncut Puerto Rican cock. It was FUCKING AMAZING. We worked one an others cock to orgasm. Then we drifted off to sleep wrapped together like the cords of a rope.


Keeping pretty busy at home with work and getting the web cam up and running. I want to thank everyone for your patients. I assure you all it will be up very soon and you will all be watching me live pretty much every night I am home.

As many of you know there has been a new chat feature added to the site, I have been trying nightly to log on around 8pm Pacific Standard Time. It has been working really cool so cum on in and join us in a chat.

Till Next Week,

Love and Hugs to Everyone
Nick Young


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