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October 31, 2001 is an evening I don’t think I shall soon forget. It started off like any normal evening I left work went home and started getting ready for the evening. Being Halloween Jeremy Jordan (DEATH), Jason Hawke (VAMPIRE) and myself (ANGEL) were supposed to head out to a private party for the evening—afterwards heading down to the boulevard for the annual festival.

So death, vampire, and myself being the eternally running 5 minutes behind schedule persons that we are got to the party and nobody was there. OOPS!! Oh, what can we do to entertain ourselves?

Since the party was pretty much out of the question at this point we decided to take a stroll down the boulevard and check out the costumes. It was fierce people really went all out for this event. I was so proud to see the shear numbers alone giving you the real sense that we really are united. So, as many of you know walking make you thirsty. So we head on down to the Abbey on of my favorite spots to hang out in Los Angeles for a cocktail. Still waiting for our friends to show, Death suddenly remembers saying that they wont be at the Abbey tonight but, the Motherload. So we headed on over there, where we immediately found our friends.

Our friends were kind of lightweights and they left early, just when the fun started. This gorgeous Latin boy walks by and whispers in my ear as he grabs my rock hard cock, take me to heaven. Then he said the customary damn, that’s a big ole cock, and to my amazement went down on me right there in the club. All the while Vampire was taking pictures. Stay tuned for Nick’s Photo Journal. Well, after a few minutes I got bored with him or maybe it was the super hot muscle-daddy walking straight for me. I “accidentally” step in his path my ragging hard-on still exposed. He looks down and says damn, grabs it gives it a quick suck then just as I think I got him, oops his boyfriend approaches. Oh well!!

Onto number three the next few all happened so quickly because at this point we had drawn a little attention to ourselves. I was getting a pretty good blowjob from about 3-4 guys at once when the most stunning Latin muscle-daddy walked by. He was a little tipsy, but at that point who wasn’t. The thing that really impressed me about this one though was the fact that he wouldn’t let us take a picture, but since I really wanted some Latin Cock in my mouth I quickly lead him to the alley behind the club. I worked that cock until he just couldn’t take it anymore and blew a load on my face.

Then like the amazing lovers that Latin men are he went down on me and worked my cock until it erupted in orgasm blowing my semen all over his face and hot chest. I look down at his cock and notice he had shot a second load. He stood up we kissed and he said, “I have to go find my boyfriend.” So we parted ways.

Lets just say this angel got a little naughty…


So, many of you know, that my family was in town all weekend. It was really cool getting to spend time with them. We took a day and went to Catalina Island where we took a submarine tour of the ocean and fed the fishes. We also, rented a golf cart and toured the island it was so beautiful. I will post pictures soon. Last evening thanks to a very special person—you know who you are we all enjoyed a lovely diner as Spago, Beverly Hills. I totally recommend the eight-course meal with wine. They bring out a different wine with every course. Lets just say you get tanked by the end of the evening. And the food, Wolfgang is a genius.

Webcam is running—what does everyone think of the new webcam? Hope you are enjoying it! I will be putting up a schedule page very soon also to keep everyone updated as to when I will be doing my shows and stay tuned you just never know when I am home and just want to show off.

I also have a new photo gallery, which should be up very soon. You will want to see this one—it’s from my first movie ever.


Nick’s Picks
Some sites I think are really cool:


I think this site is pretty interesting it keeps you up to date on all the seismic activity in Southern California.


I wouldn’t call myself a trekker, but as you all know this is my favorite TV series. So if you’re like me and enjoy watching this show for its amazing writing and groovy special effects—enjoy!!

Well, that’s all for this week everyone keep stopping by and send those emails I love hearing from all of you.

God Bless




Blow a big ole load for me tonight boys!!

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