Mickey’s, The Monkey’s, and Chi Chi LaRue

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Hey Guys Hope everybody is doing groovy and have a good time. October 8, was Chi Chi LaRue’s Birthday also that night my two best friend Jeremy Jordan and Jason Hawke were appearing for Cocktails With Stars at Mickey’s.

So, I get ready and head over to my friend AJ’s house and we head on over to Mikey’s around seven thirty guess what I was late as usual. Isn’t it funny how after 5pm I seem to run late for everything? Oh, well so I am sitting on the balcony as they are doing their little show thing chatting with friends and just catching up on some socializing. This fall has been very busy for me with family visiting and all so it was very much enjoyed getting to spend some time with the people I care about most.

So, we do our thing and it is time to go home, well I drove with AJ so I got him and we ducked out a little early. I finally get home and check my messages, a cute boy whom I had been wanting to hook-up-with, called while I was out. Guess what I did? That’s Right! I called him up and in 15 minutes he was sucking my cock. Let me just tell you this boy was 6 feet tall 95 pounds of Solid Not An Ounce Of Fat muscle. I could have twirled pasta on this chest. As I am sucking his cock he tells me he really likes to fuck!

The Magic Words!!

So he flipped me over and worked my ass pushing his cock deep in my hole. He thrust my ass with his manhood pulsating like the breaking waves of the ocean Pumping me deep he flipped me over keeping his cock in me and kissed me as he began pounding me so fast I was thrust into ecstasy an I blew the biggest load I think ever came from my cock.

This weekend was a nice break from the busy normal schedule. I got some rest and relaxed at a friends’ house for a bit after Live & Raw then, came home and ate a giant greasy cheeseburger. Since I went out Thursday and am going out for Chi Chi LaRue’s Annual Birthday Bash next weekend I spent the evening at home on Friday. I cleaned my house and gave my plants some, much needed, pruning and attention.

I am going to have my Webmaster add a calendar page to the site so that there is some method to my shows. I would like more advanced notice for everyone so that it goes more smoothly and everyone can catch the shows everyday. I want you all to catch every show you can… Also, I want to say thank you for all the nice emails that people have been sending, you guys really brighten my day!!!

Well That’s All for Tonight

I love you all


Keep Strokin

Nick Young

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