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Minneapolis to Memphis approximately 1500 miles of interstate and oh so much time to get into a little trouble on the road. Back when I first started in this industry remember I was dancing for a small company out of Minneapolis that books go-go dancers nationwide. One fantastic weekend I got a gig in Memphis with two cute young guys named Bret and Alex. The three of us head off down I-35 in my car not knowing just what lie ahead.

Bret had golden blonde hair and a body to die for with big blue eyes, he was a super sweet guy, not the brightest bulb in the box, but he sure was a sweetie. Alex, on the other hand was a short little man kind of a twink, but oh so very cute. He had a tight little body with a nice round bottom and a pretty nice looking cock. All together the three of us make one hell of a trio. Bret was 20 years old; Alex was 21 years old, and myself 22, at the time. We arrive in Memphis after nine hours of driving—we were exhausted. Memphis is a cool town to drive into, as you approach you see a giant pyramid--an amazing structure.

We got all checked into our room and immediately went for some dinner. Have you ever noticed things just move all together slower in the south. Everyone there is so relaxed, it was a very nice break; from the normal run, run, run, we experience in the rest of the country. We all made it back to the room for a little nap before we were supposed to start the show at 1:00am so basically we had a lot of time to burn. We all decided to go to Grace land, which was simply amazing. I strongly suggest you go, next time you are in Memphis, TN.

Well it was finally time to go to the club and get ready for our show. After we finally found the club, which was no easy task as it was strategically hidden behind another building a factory or something. Well, we get inside and it was like no gay club I have ever seen. It had like three dance floors and a huge swimming pool inside where you could skinny dip. Free drinks for the boys all night! Guess what we did? We all got a nice buzz going on when Bret, suggest that I take off my clothes and jump into the pool. Well, being the exhibitionist that I am it didn’t take much for him to convince me. In a matter of seconds I was in the pool wearing only my birthday suit.

Soon all three of us were in the pool, and one thing began to lead to another, we all started fooling around a little but remember we were in the middle of the bar, skinny dipping was okay, but a live sex show was sort of out of the question. So the three of us head back to the dressing room where all the divas were still putting on their wigs. Well, the three of us walk in and start sucking each-others cocks to get ready for our show. Alex, who can only get hard when he is getting fucked, asked for my help.

I bent the boy over and went to work on that sweet hole thrusting my huge man cock deep into his hole making him beg for more. All the while Alex was sucking Bret’s cock getting it all worked up.

Well, we finish our show and decide to go to this party afterwards some rich horse rancher was throwing at his house. So we, all pile into the car and head on over there for a little more excitement. Eventually we grow very tired from all the day’s events and head back to the hotel room. That is when the real fun starts. Imagine three tired and horny as hell young boys locked in a room together. Alex and I took turns pounding Bret’s sweet tight-man-hole until he exploded in orgasm. Then, after we all blew huge load of man juice everywhere we all fell asleep in a big pile of intertwined man. One of the best night’s of sleep I have ever had.

Los Angeles
This weekend is Chi Chi LaRue’s Birthday Bash at the Hollywood Athletic Club I hope to see you all there. It is going to be one of the coolest nights’ of the year! I will definitely be writing about it here.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the nightly shows: 6:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Until I get the calendar up I will try to stick to that every week. I try to log onto the chat from 6-6:30 then do a show from 6:30-7. So, stop by and cum with me!

Well Everyone,

That is all for today

I hope you enjoyed a walk down memory lane with me.

I love you all

Keep stroking boys I want to see big loads!

Nick Young


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