Chi Ch’s Birthday Bash

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It started like any other porn event—but where it would end up was anybodies guess. So I got ready around 7:30 on Sunday evening and waited for Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke, and Jeremy Spencer to arrive. They got to my house around 8pm and we waited until our limo arrived—thank you CCBill and Cybersocket. We rode in style chauffeured in luxury ready for a night of anything.

We got checked in put on the magic wristband and headed straight for apple martinis—my favorite. I ran into pretty much everyone I knew that night the entire industry was out in force to celebrate Chi Chi’s birthday. Chi Chi is one of the most amazing people I have ever met she has touched my life in a very positive way. She has always given me the best advice and it was just such an amazing joy to be there for this event. Anyways back to the party, we walked around took a few pictures and finally made our way to the patio to go have a little cigarette break and get into some good gossip outside.

This is where it gets a little hairy, my ex walks up out of nowhere and says hello. Wow! He looked so good, but I was cool, we had a really nice chat and finally I think came to terms—mushy I know. So, again, back to the party we continue to wander around chatting and mingling until the most anticipated moment of the night was upon us the PORN STAR TURNABOUT!!! That’s where a bunch of porn stars dressed in drag did a little concert. It was Fabulous I have seen drag everywhere, but these boys were amazing. HOT HOT HOT!!

So the show ended and the place pretty much cleared out as it was Sunday night and those who didn’t have to work the next morning were off to private parties, sex clubs, or the all night party that was happening. I opted to go home, as it had been a very long weekend of going out every night with the gang—next journal will explain. So I got home and as you know I had been drinking a little. Well remember that boy that I kind of have a thing for from a few weeks ago. Eric, well I just happened to call him and guess what.

He was over in ten minutes and guess what he was doing. I swear this man has no gag reflex and well you remember still not an ounce of fat on his perfect chiseled body. I swear this boy needs to make a movie. He made sweet love to my ass he pounded me so hard I had to put my face in a pillow so I wouldn’t wake the neighbors. Eric can FUCK. And his cock stays hard for hours. After making me cum three times he blew his amazing load all over my back and ass some of it even hit the wall and was in my hair. Then he licked his cum off my ass and up my back.

We cuddled for a little bit after which was sweet. Most men are wham bam thank you kind of guys. Can’t wait to have him over again.


I had a great Thanksgiving here in LA I spent it with my friend AJ then went for cocktails with friends from Channel 1 Releasing. Chi Chi did cocktails with the stars that night and after I went to the Butter Ball at the Wyndam Hotel in West Hollywood. It such a fierce party that’s in two journal entries.

But, today it was back to work. Hope everyone had a great Holiday,


Hope everyone is enjoying the live chat and shows. I want you all to stop by and chat. I try to be on every night around 6:30, but obviously I can’t make it every night. But, I do my best. After the live chat from about 7-7:30 I then do a live j/o show so stop by.

Also, a new image gallery will be up very soon and the schedule page is coming. Bear- with-us otherwise I think the site is amazing and am so happy that you are all enjoying it.

Well, Till My Next Entry

God Bless everyone and Happy Holidays!!


Keep Strokin!!

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